The Daily Moogle Open House

September 6, 2021

Last week, The Daily Moogle hosted what is called an Open House night, whereas we, the staff of The Daily Moogle, were on hand to greet friends and curious companions alike to the location of our office.  Mizuno ‘the intern’, ‘Nifty’ Nitori, and Wes ‘the Butterfly Man’ were the staff arranged for the eve, a nice variety of personalities to fit with and discuss topics with our guests!  Mizuno offered his services as a tour guide, leading whichever guests were curious into the lower level of the building, where the magic of writing the articles happens.  Wes kept to the upstairs, chattering with the arrivals while Nitori moved both up and downstairs, being even more of a social butterfly than the Butterfly Man.  Mizuno was the consummate greeter, with a smile and a funny quip, each guest being welcomed freely into the entryway. There was a small but steady flow of guests including a Flower, someone Shy, and a Lalafellian Engineer with conversations ranging from wearing pink to morbols to lemon cakes and other bakery goods, all the way to questions about the printing press.  Unfortunately Kiyo was not available for questions on that at the time, though the curious companion might just be back in the future for more information. All in all, the Open House was a success.  Keep a watch on this space for more Daily Moogle events, including but not limited to the up and coming six month Moogle anniversary, as well as a third Matchy Friends.  If any of you Dear Readers would like to write for the Moogle, feel free to stop in to the offices at any time and speak to any of the available staff.  There’s plenty of other services on offer as well, and more information for them can also be obtained at the Mist location.  (OOC Note : Please feel free to join The Daily Moogle discord server, where you can get news and information first, as well as ask questions to the editor, fill out a want ad, or even submit a query to the advice column!) And with that, I put away my quill and unfold my butterfly wings.  Until next time!

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