The interview revisited!

May 1, 2021

Dear reader,

It came to the editors attention that I completely skipped over the interview! 

So without further delay! Inhe’a Zhere is the owner of the Winking Paissa, a man with a stern look, eyes light grey and black hair tied together in a ponytail while wearing glasses. His face features a scar which I was afraid to ask about, one never knows what happens in the kitchen.. maybe it was an argument over spices or a particular seasoning. 

He has several people in his employ; a Raen lady, named Sugi Tatewaki, one of their most experienced chefs that also runs the Winking Paissa when Inhe’a is not around. J’iaho Tia is a Miqo’te lad or man (I never did ask his age) that is good spirited and still learning the ropes and the tricks of the trade. At this point, dear reader, I have NO idea how ropes come into play in the kitchen or the serving business. Once I find out, I’ll be certain to report on it, you have my word! Next up is Amelia Fields is a waitress, but also doubles as a hunter whom is usually out for meat, keeping the meat costs low or so Inhe’a told me. 

And lastly, my personal favorite, the menu! According to Inhe’a everyone added a bit to the list like one big family. The stew comes from the owner himself, his youngest decided on the sweet things, Sugi brought flavors from Hingashi and Jacquelaine introduced beet soup and Ishgardian tea. The design of the menu itself also comes from Inhe’a youngest, which is going to be made better even! I don’t know about you reader, but I for one am looking forward to that.

In closing, did I do the actual interview this time? This intern certainly hopes so!

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