The masked Miqo’te?!

September 4, 2021

Hello readers!

Today I make good on my earlier promise of writing about the Masked Miqo’te, well today is that day! Lets start, shall we?

A loud crash could be heard as the front door to our offices was kicked open! Then a cloud of smoke appeared with the noise as The Masked Miqo’te appeared seemingly out of thin air , it was a very frightening affair. With booming voice the figure spoke:
“Tis I! The Masked Miqo’te! I only wish to deliver the greatest news that I, The Masked Miqo’te have come to Eorzea to amaze your readers with amazing information!”

Naturally this had me curious, if not a tad cautious. Not cautious enough to take out my notepad and start writing ofcourse, a man still has to get paid after all. The Masked Miqo’te continued:
“I have come to amaze and delight with my magical feats and I want you, dear paperboy, to spread the word!”

After that, a cloud of flyers was thrown across the room littering them on every inch of the floor. I really wish they would have been deposited on the counter but I can’t argue with the showmanship, it really added! Nitori called it “a festival of news and words.”
After that the Masked Miqo’te posed once more, giving a goodbye before a small pillar of fire appeared in front of them before vanishing leaving now but a small card with a picture of their mask. The flyers stated the following:

“The moon rises and the Masked Miqo’te will sing, prance, and make fire dance to their whim, changing your experience with aether like you have never seen before! Come down to Dusk Till Dawn and witness true magical perfection!”

I definitely look forward to prancing and fire dancing! I also like a good show and this definitely looked like it.

In closing, did it take a while to pick up all those flyers? This intern believes so.

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