The Mothman case …. solved?!

June 5, 2021

Dear readers,

Could it be? The secrets finally revealed? The mystery unveiled? The full story out in the open? Read further to finally find out!

But first! A word of sympathies goes out to Vee and Theodora, they were going to join us on the hunt for the Mothman, but they couldn’t make it due to an accident. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to these two people.

That written, on with the show! Kiyo and myself started our trek from the Carline Canopy and made our way to the East Shroud, we talked to some people, asked around for the Mothman but lips were tightly sealed. Were the people covering for the Mothman?

After some searching we stumbled upon this tunnel in the Eastern Shroud that had some requests on the floor. Scribbles from children and craftsman, appealing to the Mothman to bring their stuff back. The Mothman had become some sort of urban legend now! Such a plot twist.

One of the requests was to bring “Mr Snugglebuns”, a stuffed toy, back to a child (at least I think it was for a child). As Kiyo and I lay in wait for what seemed to be days (Editors note: You were there for a couple of hours, you moron!) we saw people pass by but none of them appeared to be the Mothman.

When we returned the following day most if not all of the requests were fulfilled! Mr Snugglebuns turned out to be a stuffed Spriggan toy made from fur of questionable origin. A hammer and a pair of smelly boots were returned as well. So who could it have been? The elderly Gridanian male we saw passing? A pair of Sylvans? The smelly hermit that we crossed on the way back?

No idea! The fact remains that someone brought those items back and I for one want to believe it’s The Mothman.
The Mothman exists without a doubt, but I don’t think he, she or it is ready to reveal himself to us yet. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I’ll wait for the day when it happens.

In closing, did this finally get resolved? This intern believes so.

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  1. So basically, the Mothman turned out to be the “Saint o’ Nymeia” off season?

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