The Rising 2021 Final Fantasy XIV

The Rising And Remembrance

September 2, 2021

As someone who has only recently ventured to the shores of Eorzea, I must admit that the Rising was something quite new to me. Upon hearing of the yearly tradition, I made my way to Ul’dah to learn more about the event and its meaning.

The Rising is a yearly event where members of the three city states Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul’dah take time to remember the tragedy of Seventh Umbral Calamity. To remember the fallen of the Battle of Carteneau, mourning those who will never return.

The aftermath of the Seventh Umbral Calamity impacted Eorzea greatly. The loss of life affects many who still live in the city states to this day.

This year the scent of the Nymeia Lillie drifts on the streets of Ul’dah. The self same flower set upon graves in the hopes that it might ease the passing of the departed in their journey beyond this life.

While these tragedies bring us sadness, they also remind us of how little control we truly have. Yet it also stands also as a poignant reminder of just how many we touch each and every day. Whether in joy, companionship, brotherhood or even in conflict, one life resonates in a wider circle than we can ever imagine.

To those who mourn I do hope you find solace, as the days of remembrance likely bring at the least a touch of sadness as one remembers days past and those who will never again return home.

Though I do hope in my heart of hearts that each and every one of you finds comfort in your communities. That in your friends, in your families, in even your neighbors, you find that moment where you can share your burdens. As no one truly suffers loss alone. Every day there are others who feel the sting of loss.

As we remember fondly the past together, I also hope that through these bonds we forge, though sad as they may be, that we might also build a brighter future. Hopefully one in a world more peaceful than the past.

Please remember those you have lost as they were, as they laughed, as they loved, as they sang and shared their tales. Tell these tales to all who will listen.

For it is in these stories that they will live on in our hearts and memories, day after day.

(As an OOC note, I would like to also dedicate this article to my Grandmother and Father whom I have lost in recent months. Though they may be gone they will never be forgotten.)

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