The Serene View Tea House

The Serene View Tea House, A Small Review

May 2, 2021

This week I had the opportunity to visit the Serene View. It is a local tea house run by Shaiko a most friendly Hrothgar and local tea aficionado! This cozy beachfront tea house can be found in The Mist just outside of Limsa Lominsa.

Customers can request tea service inside the establishment and outside as well in it’s well decorated garden as they overlook the beach.

As one enters The Serene View they are greeted by the establishment’s wonderful staff. There are several tables available for those who wish to sit and chat as they enjoy a range of baked delights. One can request a sandwich, chocolate cake and even the humble scone with several more options to choose from! 

There is also a lower story to The Serene View which is home to a small library. There are several couches arranged where one might sit comfortably as they enjoy a bit of tea and a good read.

The library area of The Serene View may be a bit noisy on busy nights as the couches are a very comfortable place to sit and chat. This might be a bit disappointing for those looking for a more quiet and relaxing environment. However the garden is usually incredibly peaceful!

This reporter can highly recommend one visit The Serene view should one enjoy trying various types of teas. The overall ambiance of The Serene View makes it a great destination overall, it is certainly my … cup of tea

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The Serene View
Ward: 22
Plot: 51

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