Wanted: Eorzea’s Greatest Fighters!

Those tough enough to step into a combat arena for fame, glory or just for fun.

The Wanderers Respite proudly presents Eorzeas Greatest fighter. A brand new combat league and we are looking for competitors.

If you are looking for a new challenge and a chance to make some Gil and a name for yourself this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Fight your way to the top of the rankings to challenge for the EGF championship, wow the crowds with your amazing skills in THE CAGE! A fortified Steel cage surrounded by a magitek barrier. You can go all out there and show the crowd just what you can do.

Don’t delay, come on down to the Wanderers respite and ask for Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn to start your climb to the top today!

OOC info

The wanderers Respite FC is putting together a new fight league called Eorzeas Greatest Fighter. We are looking for interested characters who would like to join a dedicated roster with events being held once – twice a month. We offer a unique combat system and a chance to be crowned the EGF champion. If interested please contact Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn in game or on Discord for more information.