Winking Paissa Hiring Culinarians

Hiring Culinarians!

The Winking Paissa is currently looking for:

2 Culinarians

  • Experience in the field preferred; home cooks are also accepted (skills will be tested)
  • Might be asked to help with the catering for events outside the restaurant
  • Pay is 950 gil/moon; two meals per day and perusal of the staff’s lodgings

Additional Notes:

  • If accommodation for the immediate family as well (spouse/partner and/or children) is required, it can be discussed and arranged as part of the contract.
  • Literacy is not required but appreciated.
  • We will not inquire about your background, but you should let us know if you’ve got beef with the authorities what might interfere with work.
  • Uniform will be provided.

If interested, present yourself at the Winking Paissa during opening hours and ask to speak with a Staff Manager

OoC As a little note on the “skill test”, it’s nothing big and you won’t need big knowledge on irl cooking as long as you can google a recipe and wing it: Inhe’a will be asking your character to try making one of the recipes on the menu or make a favorite of theirs~

DM: Inhe’a, Rhul & Alts [Ragnarok] if interested, so we can decide when to meet or I can give more OoC info if needed 😀