Nitori Shiro

Hello there! I am Nitori Shiro, but you can call me Nitori, the strongest, smartest and cutest lalafell in all of Eorzea! I am in charge of cheering up your awful week with a little comic of myself and my amazing adventures every Wednesday! Hope you enjoy the read! 

Lady Songbird

Just an anonymous gossipmonger, here to keep the people of Eorzea abreast~

Alys Rose

Hello, my name is Alys Rose! Mother always said that the stars have a lot to tell, and I’m hoping that I can share their wisdomful words with you all, along with the most terrifying and fantastical tales that Mother said they told her! I think Mother was rather deluded sometimes, as they don’t have […]

Elise Clark

A mystery writer based in Ishgard whose real identity is unknown. Some say they live in the walls, with the amount of gossip they’re sometimes privy to.

Amelia Rosamond

Ishgardian, bard, and huntress. When not busy in the dastardly cold city, she journeys across the realm in search of stories worth passing on.

Chabi of the Olkund

A proud daughter of the Steppe, traveling this Star to conquer her secrets!