Kiyo And Alayah Wright At Wehs Lahr

A Busy Day Of Rest

April 19, 2021

As today was technically a day of rest I had no appointments scheduled. It is quite welcome I can assure you. I rose late in the morning after Ayame’s tea ceremony lasted a bit longer than expected, but was well worth a little disruption to my schedule.

After writing yesterday’s notes, I decided to do a bit of self promotion. Arguably I cannot say I felt up for the task. I feel a bit lacking. I suppose it is due to the fact that I am a chirurgeon and not a warrior. I feel out of place among my own kind as I am likely the only Au Ra I have seen in Eorzea that carries a conjurer’s stave.

Regardless, I set aside my self doubts and ventured forth into the Mist to make myself known to the community. It is a humbling affair but the rather helpful neighbor suggested I do so. She claimed that I might find more members of the community in need should they know of my existence. To be fair I could not argue with her logic.

I found myself at essentially the other end of the Mist at a large estate called Wehs Lahr. Though many businesses were closed of course, within one poor soul was already at work.

A Hyur woman by the name of Alayah was standing at the front desk when I entered. Having been a bit rainy I was quite sure to brush as much of the water from my person as possible before entering.

I greeted Alayah and mentioned my practice. She claims that knowledge of a nearby Chirurgeon was actually helpful as there are times where they are in need of medical assistance. Wehs Lahr accepts contracts for individuals who require materials. The group then goes hunting or gathering to fulfill the orders. I imagine it must be a boon to crafters who could use such services. As I conversed with Alayah further I began to believe that this might in fact be a place where someone like Mizuno could find a bit of work here and there, so I decided to suggest it to him when next we meet.

Alayah sadly has a brace on her leg and while we did not have time to discuss its origin, apparently she had been a hunter for the group in the past, but due to her injury she now works in a more administrative role. I did impart to her that assuredly her new role is quite important as not everyone is suitable for the task. I do however hope that the injury does not cause her pain, though I shall enquire about the same should I speak with her again.

As I shared a cup of tea with her she iquired about Hingashi. Alayah says that she meets quite a few Xaela, but that she sees very few Raen. She says she has not had much of a chance to discuss the nature of my homeland even with her employer who is apparently a Raen from Hingashi as well.

I did tell her that the lives of the Xaela from the Steppe are nearly the exact opposite of those of the Raen in Hingashi. In my homeland we lead a more structured life with a noble hierarchy and have a very formal approach to life.

While I did mention that I do miss a bit of the structure found in my homelands, the lack of formality can actually be a bit relaxing. I feel as though I do not have to watch my every word and motion around Eorzeans as much as I do in Kugane. Granted Uncle and I were at the beck and call of Bakufu and as such formality was a necessary part of life to show respect to those higher in the social order than Uncle and myself.

I am both a humble daughter of Shinobi and of the merchant class, therefore I must show deference to what is essentially the ruling class. It is rather easier to live than to explain I believe. When one is born into a culture one typically does not always stop to contemplate the hows and whys of its nature. Though coming to Eorzea has most assuredly left me taking the measure of my homeland.

Ah yes I also received a missive that Teija was available. She is the Viera clothing designer Kesa had mentioned. I met with her at Phoenix Trading. I hope I did not disappoint her as arguably I felt a bit down. Granted her enthusiasm and upbeat nature is quite infectious. I found that I enjoyed speaking with her and she is just a wonderful person.

Teija is quite a professional as she knows just which questions to ask to draw out what one might like or need in clothing. I find it very refreshing to work with a designer who is more interested in making apparel that suits the client as opposed to placing fashion over the client.

All of the apparel I have now was created by a Kugane designer Uncle insisted upon. She was quite thorough and very talented, but all of my apparel is designed to suit the needs of my work and those around me, not quite so much my own tastes. Sadly this is not something I mentioned to Teija, but she seemed quite taken with my clothing. I was quite dumbfounded to be honest and was unable to organize my thoughts sufficiently. Compared to the ladies of court in their fine kimono, my apparel is quite plain. However it suits my status and profession so it is of course appropriate.

As I tend to wear clothing more as a means of camouflage. I really don’t understand the concepts of fashion. Why one would wear this or that. I merely don what is appropriate for the occasion. I believe Teija has enlightened me however to a different approach to fashion. That it is more a method of expressing one’s self. A way of showing your personality to the world as opposed to mere protection from the elements. I find this fascinating and it actually makes me reconsider my apparel quite a bit.

I did thank Kesa for introducing me to Teija as she and Ihra had arrived just as I was leaving. They seemed to be involved in a discussion so I did not disturb them. That and a batch of potions I was preparing were due to be moved from resting pans then subsequently boiled, drained and filtered. That however is not as exciting as some of my other news.

After finishing preparing the week’s potions Mizuno came through the door. I didn’t even recognize him until he spoke. The armor I commissioned for him is quite impressive. Although he managed to find a straw hat to wear atop it. I really should ask where he managed to find the hat as it is quite an interesting look. It brings to mind a roaming Samurai.

Mizuno however is no Samurai. He has the discipline and restraint one might expect from an untrained chocobo. I believe in a sense that is why he can be a bit unnerving and yet calming all in the same turn. Around Mizuno there are no rules, there is no etiquette, but one may always know where they stand with him as he hides nothing.

I suppose that may be why I feel as if it is a bit easier to discuss matters with Mizuno that I would not discuss with others. We did speak of our homes. I mentioned my Uncle and that he is of course the last of my family. I suppose in a moment of weakness or just feeling as though my lack of martial prowess makes me all the less of a person I told him what my plans were, how they were a fool’s errand.

Mizuno sees things differently, as he is want to do. Though he believes he can aid me. I rather doubt this as I have never seen him bear a weapon. I do not wish to put him in harm’s way, but I also cannot deny that he might be of great assistance. If nothing else he can prove to be quite a distraction.

Apparently he had come to me for treatment yet again. I asked him what had transpired. This time he had trod upon the foot of a wealthy Lalafell who then proceeded to have him beaten by bodyguards. I have no idea how Mizuno manages to find himself in such situations. I should remind him to watch the placement of his large feet in the future.

The lummox brings me pause. The nature of his continued existence is beyond comprehension and yet he continues to meet each day with the same exuberance as the last. Truly he is touched by the kami. I am not sure which one or for what reason, but it has to be so.

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