A day in the life of Mizuno: my daily routine!

May 12, 2021

So I know a lot of you have been asking about my skin and horn care, so I figured with this latest article I would address this pressing question!

I recently found this -amazing- salve that just helps my skin come to life after a long day of writing and hunting scoops. It even comes with a brush to apply it, what luck! Ever since working for mister Jameson my skin has been incredibly dry and my horns itchy.

However! With this fantastic salve all of those problems are a thing of the past, allow me to go through my routine. So in the morning, while I hurry up for work I take a handful of the stuff, rub it all over my hands and apply it on my face and horns, which does draw the attention of people passing, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. In the afternoon I’m supposed to have this lemon-y type drink to really help with the whole process.
It’s supplied from the same person, can you imagine that?!

And then in the evening I have to apply more of the stuff. Is it working? I like to think so. I for one am glad I have a supplier I can trust. He even assured me that if I get more people interested in this then I get a discount!

In closing, my horns feel amazing, this intern believes so.

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  1. That.. sounds.. FANTASTIC! Now if only I had horns. Alas, all I have are wings.

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