A Good Deed Punished

April 23, 2021

This morning I intend to be brief as I am quite embarrassed. While I was working in the lab yesterday evening, someone slipped a missive slipped under my door. I read through it and apparently Tanaka had been spotted in Gridania at the adventurer’s guild. He’d apparently taken a bit of work. There was a map along with the message.

I quickly penned a notice and left it in the waiting room of my practice. I did not assume to be gone for more than perhaps the evening and I had no early appointments waiting for me the next day. I added a side note for Mizuno that I’d left something for him on my workbench. I had left two bottles of healing elixirs for him just in case he’d managed to injure himself again.

With all of that in place I left quickly to make my way to the area on the map. I travelled to Hawthorne Hut by chocobo porter. I asked if they had seen a man matching the description I’d been given and they’d said they had and pointed toward a Serpent outpost, Amarissaix’s Spire.

I carefully journeyed in that direction, attempting to avoid all manner of beats. Including a small floating green creature that thought I was particularly fascinating. With luck I managed to sneak past the spire and around the hillside. Not long after I heard movement and concealed myself. It was in fact a small creature that had been injured.

Out of sympathy and sheer idiocy, I stepped out of hiding and used a bit of magic to heal the superficial wound on the creature’s leg. That of course enraged the poacher who’d been hunting it.

I was attacked from behind by a half starved Miqo’te poacher. Though she was quite smaller than myself she had a bit more anger and frustration on her side. I managed to dodge a number of blows but she eventually pulled a knife from kami knows where.

I managed to deflect what would have been a fatal blow to my shoulder where the blade lodged itself between the bones. This of course further angered the poacher who decided to lift a rather large nearby branch and use it as a club to knock me unconscious.

I recall nothing after until waking up to Mizuno’s voice. Apparently I’d left the map on my workbench next to the emergency potions I’d left for him.

I honestly did not feel comfortable telling him how positively humiliated I was at the whole affair. While I did avoid being detected by my target, I was dispatched embarrassingly quickly by the poacher.

Mizuno was not pleased that I’d gone scouting without him. I explained that realistically it shouldn’t have been an issue. I had only suffered one minor stab wound and a bit of internal bruising. I should heal in time with proper care.

I suppose I should find a way to remedy this. I will look into this today as I believe I can purchase a Linkpearl for him. That should make life a bit easier.

He did ask if I might still be angry with him after his behavior the previous night. I can rightly say that I was mostly in quite a bit of pain and rather light headed. That and any anger I held at the moment was directed at myself, certainly not at him.

Mizuno found transport for us to return to Gridania where I received treatment in the Conjurer’s Guild. They were none too pleased to hear of the poacher and the Wood Wailers were contacted with haste.

After treatment Mizuno asked that we go to the Carline Canopy for a bite to eat. This of course was recommended after I’d lost quite a bit of blood. The poacher had pulled the lodged blade once I’d gone unconscious and left me to bleed out. Fortunately my new friend had arrived in time.

He seemed a bit disappointed as Mizuno mentioned that friends trust one another enough to tell them about things that could be potentially dangerous. To be fair I did not believe this would be dangerous as I’d only intended to do a bit of scouting. The poacher was merely an inconvenience.

I don’t think Mizuno sees it that way so I should likely keep him apprised of future endeavors. He also decided that I should practice combat with him so that I have an opportunity to prepare for any future combat encounter that might come along.

I suppose for now I can strengthen what I do know. I might later find a Shinobi willing to teach me more of the art, but at least for now I can work to learn how to defend myself. If for no other reason than to avoid yet another embarrassing incident.

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