A new hire in the spotlight: F’mhena the Scholar

May 6, 2021

Today I will write about one of our latest hires, F’mhena!

F’mhena came into our offices one day responding to our poster on a billboard, looking for work. She hopes to work as an editor, but I don’t know how well that would sit with the current editor. Still, I’m not one to deny people and we need every helping hand so we hired her!

A little more about F’mhena: she has been endlessly pursuing scholarly knowledge and wishes to gain experience with a publishing company. How these two connect? Who knows! I don’t.
She studies the classics of literature and has even delved into the studies of magitek. She will definitely be a worthy addition to the team and will definitely be able to open doors I won’t even find myself in front of.

In closing, welcome aboard F’mhena!

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