A readers response

July 6, 2021


As a regular reader of the Daily Moogle, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, I was flabbergasted by a recent…let’s call it ‘attempt-in-article’. Yes indeed, I am speaking of the astrology article, which I believe is a farse, or done by an uneducated individual.

Firstly, this is not astrology per science, I do not know what it was supposed to be, other than an attempt to fool the readers. For example, the Bygerot section. It had nothing to do with anything other than claiming Viera superior to others. Does the author truly believe so? If so, how dare you. Even more, under Rhalgr, you called orphans ‘theatrical’? Children who lost their parents have the flair for the dramatics? Unbelievable. I can clearly tell that the author is a shameless individual. Which we can see under the Nald’thal section. Telling pregnant women to drink? Clearly uneducated.

Unless the ‘Celestials’, as the author named them, wish for us to sink as a society and individuals, these ‘readings’ are completely ridiculous.

Kind regards,

A reader of the Daily Moogle

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