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A Tale To Start All Tales Gyobo the Namazu

May 29, 2021

The Serene View Teahouse is possibly one of the most comfortable places for a bookworm to go for a cup of tea whilst reading a delightful tome.

The staff is of course kind, courteous and professional. What one might not notice upon first glance would be that one member of the staff has fins!

That would be Gyobo who is a Namazu. For those who are not entirely familiar with their kind, Namazu appear akin to walking catfish. They wear bright red apparel and tend to squeak as they walk. 

Namazu are typically found in the East, and for the most part make their homes in Doma. It is however not unheard of for some  to make their home in Hingashi as well. Inquisitive and friendly, they can be delightful company and quite helpful. 

Shiako met Gyobo in the Doman Enclave whilst touring the East. They became fast friends as they bonded over tea and tomes. 

After sharing his culture with Shaiko and his companions, it was agreed that Gyobo would make his way to the west to learn more about the fabled Eorzea. After saving for some time and using an address left to him by Shaiko and his companions, Gyobo came to live and work in La Noscea, brewing tea with Shaiko.

Our flippered friend however has a number of tales to tell. He even carries a large tome upon his back holding a few stories within. One such tale is that of a heroic Historian by the name of Master Tamura. Gyobo not only made his way into the service of the kindly and knowledgeable historian and helped him save an irreplaceable piece of the beleaguered nation’s history and culture in the process. 

Before the Garlean occupation Master Tamura, had been a Historian and Librarian. Upon the fall of Doma, Master Tamura took it upon himself to collect and hide those books he felt might be in danger during the occupation.

Taking as many precious works with him as he could, the historian fled into the Doman mountains. There he hid in a small shelter far from prying eyes.

However, it was apparently not quite far enough!  

It was there Gyobo and his family came upon Master Tamura’s home whilst on a trek themselves. Instantly taken with curiosity and wonder by Master Tamura’s collection, Gyobo decided that he must work with and learn from the historian.  

Master Tamura was not however interested in taking an apprentice. This did not deter Gyobo however as he did his best to convince the Doman of his helpful intent. At first the well meaning Namazu was unsuccessful as a few of his attempts included overwatering plants and bringing a wasp nest to the Historian’s yard. 

One can imagine that such events would not be taken kindly by any homeowner.

In the end however Master Tamura could see that Gyobo did mean well and took the Namazu as an apprentice. 

Together they repaired and restored and copied a multitude of works. And in so doing preserving tomes and tales that hail from the length and breadth of the eastern regions. 

Once the Doma was once again free of outside rule, Gyobo and Master Tamura descended from their mountain home, tomes in tow. They were among the many who made their way to the Doman Enclave. It was there they deposited the books to be read and shared by the people as Doma rebuilds. 

Gyobo still carries one of the works with him and he shared it with me. A fictional tale that may have also been a bit of a creation myth in a long lost era. Even the author who penned the work is lost to time. 

The tale however is that of a great blue dragon that carried an entire city upon it’s back. The city wanted for nothing and suffered no ills. Life was perfect upon the back of the big blue dragon as it sailed across the skies.

In time however the dragon began to grow old. It knew that it’s time would come. The residents decided that they would have to find homes for themselves in the world below. 

In the telling of the story one can almost make out the current modern nations as places where the big blue dragon deposited a number of its residents here and there. Each region being a place where those who rode the dragon would make homes for themselves. 

Once free of his burden, the large blue dragon made his way to the horizon, never to be seen again.

Should you dear reader be interested in such a tale or it’s telling I can highly recommend asking Gyobo. His book even holds a replica of the drawing found within the original tome. It depicts the dragon carrying the city and a forest along the length of its back. 

My time spent with Gyobo I fear was a bit too short. It was however time well spent as I enjoyed his company and learning the fascinating story of this small flippered friend. 
Gyobo can of course be found in The Serene View tea house which is owned by Shaiko Kovasch. I can only recommend the venue to anyone in need of a good read!

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