A Visit to High Tide Antiquity

April 9, 2021

The trip back from Ishgard took the bulk of the day and left me a bit weary. Upon returning to the Mists in La Noscea I was greeted by a neighbor. The kind woman mentioned that a nearby museum would be offering a tour of their exhibits that evening. I believe the woman does hope that I will endeavor to make some personal friends here in Eorzea beyond working with professional contacts. She is quite lovely.

After a bit of a rest I decided to seek out and visit this museum. It is named High Tide Antiquity. The museum itself is quite beautiful and holds so many interesting treasures.

Upon entering I was greeted by a Raen woman. She told me that the tour would be held within the hour and I had been quite fortunate to arrive on time despite feeling rather late. She suggested that I look to refreshments or the exhibits until the designated hour.

After my warm welcome I walked about the upper level and it is elegant indeed. There were so many interesting items to view. I was however captivated by translucent fish on display. I find them most fascinating.

I did eventually make my way towards the refreshments area the Raen woman had mentioned previously.

Oddly enough I saw the same Xaela man who had given me the black tulip the previous evening.

As I felt rather weary and nervous, it was quite a relief to see a familiar face. I greeted him and rather rudely asked if he might not be able to speak. He motioned that such was the case but his demeanor displayed that he was not offended by my asking. Relieved once again I sat with him and his small companion a tiny sparrow.

He actually offered a small cloth bundle containing a type of food for the tiny creature. It perched on my hand as it ate. I feared that I might scare the small thing away but it seemed quite at ease with me.

My little moment with the sparrow was interrupted with an announcement that the time for the exhibition tour had arrived and the Xaela seemed quite enthusiastic about attending.

I followed him to the lower level and we were greeted by a Hyur woman and the Raen who greeted me earlier.

The Hyur woman who gave the tour seemed very well versed in history and knowledgeable about the exhibits themselves.

Sadly I did not stay for the entire tour as I began to feel so exhausted that I felt I had to leave. I did not say goodby to my new friend but he seemed rather taken with an exhibit of a rather attractive Elezen man. I believe this confirms why I feel so comfortable around the Xaela as he does not seem to have anything beyond friendly intentions. That and of course he is quite darling.

This sadly brings me no closer to my ultimate goals, but perhaps one night of just being calmly myself and enjoying an evening, even such a short one, is not without merit.

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