Wall of Dark Knights Omega Server Commemorating Kentaro Miura Final Fantasy XIV Ul'dah

A Wall of Great Swords To Commemorate A Great Artist!

May 20, 2021

Today dear readers, the world lost a dedicated artist that touched the hearts and minds of many across our world. Though he may no longer be with us, many celebrated the works of this author by standing in vigil in the streets of Ul’dah before the Aetherite plaza. There was also a march organized that marched from Ul’dah through the snows of Coerthas to the Foundation in Ishgard.

While many of us may not have been as familiar with his works as others, this act of commemoration is no less touching. It was heartwarming for this press operator to bear witness to what of this event I could.

OOC: Final Fantasy XIV players across all servers stood as Dark Knights in vigil for the Berserk Manga author Kentaro Miura who recently passed. He is considered by many to have popularized the use of the large claymore in Manga thorough his works which are still cherished worldwide today.


Special thanks to Sarnai Malaguld [Omega] for the pictures from Ishgard and Tov, Rheja, Est [Omega] Tov, Rheja, Est [Omega]. Both are in the Chaos Roleplay Community Discord for announcing the vigil!

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