What We Do:

We host fictional roleplay content by Final Fantasy XIV roleplayers and for FFXIV roleplayers.

While our main offering is the roleplay based newspaper The Daily Moogle, we also offer hosting for people to post their own content. Character journals, scandal sheets, and even the location of their in game venue!

Our Mission:

To serve as a repository for In Character Stories and to serve as a great way to help people find and get into roleplay. 

Who We Are

Our team? It’s you!

The content on this site is generated by people just like you! 

Lady Songbird’s Society pages, The Daily Moogle articles, and especially the in character journals are all created and submitted by the roleplayers that wrote them. 

There are no editors, there’s no critiques, there’s just a free exchange of creativity, and that’s what we’re about.

Want to Write?

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