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December 23, 2021

Hello again Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon to be Dearhearts!  I’ll bet you were wondering if you would ever hear my wings beating again, didn’t you?  Worried a bit maybe?  No reason to be!  It’s that time of the Turn where things just get SUPER DUPER ULTRA busy for everyone, and a Butterfly Man is part of everyone.  Hey, I can be a Butterfly and still be busy!  Flitting around takes work, it does!

But on to more important things.  And that is.. one of you faithful readers dropped another message into my inbox!  Let me get busy for a moment to directly help one of you rather than doing all the behind the scenes help I’ve been doing for a while.

Dear Wes, I’m a strong Mhigan woman and I am struggling to find someone who can handle that. I go on dates sometimes, but nothing ever comes of them. I try to flirt with men, but they just seem intimidated. People make comments on my thighs and my assertive nature, all that sort of thing, but even if they sound admiring they sound a bit scared at the same time. Is there any way I can find someone who will accept this tough Mhigan lass?


WOW!  A tough Mhigan lass sounds.. actually really fantastic!  Now, don’t get me wrong I am quite happily dreaming of my Flower every day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what else is out there.  Yourself included.  So you go on these dates, you flirt, but the men -and- just folks in general seem to be intimidated enough that it deters them from pursuing anything further.  Let me tell you something that you probably already know, but when we’re intimidated, most folks do back away.  It sounds to me as if you’re very solid -in who you are-, and I have to say that is an amazingly wonderful thing.  To stand firm in yourself, to know your worth, to be who  you want to be.. even if it means potential relationships turn into not-so-potential really fast.  It sounds to me as if what you need is someone who is as solid, firm, and who know their worth just as much as you.  My suggestion is to narrow your search down a little, be more picky and particular about who you go on dates with.  You don’t -need- anyone, it’s just that the companionship would be nice.  I would say the stereotypical ‘Strong Silent Type’ would be your best bet.  You don’t want someone with an ego as big as their muscles, they’d annoy you.. and fast.  Knowing your worth and being egotistical may look similar, but it all comes down to presentation.  Finding someone who isn’t afraid of being with a woman as tough as you are is going to be.. well.. tough!… but there is a butterfly for every flower out there.  Mostly it just takes patience.  Don’t give up hope and please Please PLEASE do not compromise who you are just to make it easier!  The right one will be along when it is time for them to be.


If any of the rest of you readers would like to get some Love Advice from me, Wes, The Butterfly Man, do not hesitate to drop a line in to The Daily Moogle offices in the Mist.  I’m always happy to take some time from my travels to waft in and answer your letters! 

Coming up after Heavensturn, I’ve got NEW SURPRISES for you all!  I’ve got an interview in the works at the moment, and more Matchy events being planned.  I’ll also be re-opening up the Matchy Dates forms after they’ve been Re-vamped.  Look for all of these things happening after the beginning of the Turn!  And for my Flower – I hope you got my Starlight card!  For the rest of you, I hope your Starlight is as wonderful as all of you are, Dear Readers.  Until next.. Turn!

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