All Things All Saint’s Wake?

January 20, 2022

Good Saint’s Wake Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon To Be Dearhearts!  Good -what- you say?  Good Saint’s Wake!  That’s right, in a topsy turvy turn of events, Eorzea has thrown the Calendar all out of whack and the City-States have all decorated for All Saint’s Wake!  Weird?  Yeah.  But we’re all a little weird at times, aren’t we?  Another weird thing is Lo and Behold!  I found another message waiting for me at the Daily Moogle Offices!  This message has nothing to do with All Saint’s Wake though, so why don’t I just flit on over and give it a little look through and an answer.

Yo butterfly man I’ve got one for you. So far I’ve been unlucky in just finding someone to enjoy my time with but then there is one person we both may have made some advances. Whether they are intrested is up in the air. They are nice enough when you get them alone even though everyone else sees them as a trouble maker. I’m just wondering if it is worth pursuing them. I ain’t looking for anything serious just some fun but have said they are more likely to have some fun and drop me like that. But yeah conflicted. A brief probable flash in the pan good time or not incase I get too involved. What do you think?

Let me tell you, this message is full of contraditions.. just like having All Saint’s Wake at the beginning of the new turn!  Let me try to read between the lines here.  What you’re saying, Dear Reader, is that there is A Person Of Interest.  You -say- you’re not looking for anything serious, yet you’re worried about getting too involved.  I feel like you actually -are- looking for something.. maybe not serious at the moment but that might turn into something serious?  In which case, I’d say tell them No Thanks.  They’ve already mentioned they’re looking for fun and that’s it, and if -everyone else- sees them as a troublemaker… chances are either they truly are, or they’re so twisted up that it’d take a long time and a lot of effort to un-twist them… and in the meantime you’d probably end up frustrated or even with your heart broken by the end of it all.  Have some fun with them if you really want to, but absolutely DO NOT get your hopes up for anything else.  Everybody deserves a Dearheart, but they’re not looking… and if that’s what you really want (which I feel like it is), then this is not the best place to look.  Find someone else who is looking for fun too but that is open for it possibly turning into something more and.. also.. who doesn’t have a troublemaker reputation.


WHEW!  Sometimes it’s hard to be honest and tell harsh truths, but Dear Readers, I owe it to you.  I do.  If you’re going to come to me with advice on Love (which.. any of you can, just drop in to the Daily Moogle offices and leave me a message!) then I won’t let you down by placating you with what you want to read.  I may not be personally experienced with Love, but I do watch it around me all the time and see the mistakes and heartbreaks of others.  Speaking of which, Flower?  I miss you.  My heart breaks because we cannot be around each other right now.  Soon I hope.  Soon.


Time to wrap this thing up and send it off to be printed.  Keep watching this column in the up and coming suns for my very first Interview, and for any other Love Advice Questions that pop into my message box!  Until next time Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon to be Dearhearts, may you find the fun and the dreams and the hopes and the flowers and butterflies that -you- desire.

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