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September 28, 2021

Hello Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon to be Dearhearts!  While nobody has left a message for me at the Daily Moogle Offices yet, I thought I’d go ahead and write a little bit anyway, since I’ve been flitting around -quite- a bit the last few suns!  So let’s get started.  


A few suns ago, I attended the EGF.  What is the EGF?  Well, it’s a fighting type of thing that’s hosted by the Wanderer’s Respite!  There’s a HUGE dangerous looking cage, and a whole area where people can come in and watch the matches as they happen!  Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter!  That’s what EGF stands for.  And let me tell you, it really was Great!  Through the Daily Moogle, I was asked if I could come in and be a guest announcer.  Now, this isn’t something I’ve ever done before, so let me tell you, my wings were shaking a bit from nervousness!  However, I think after the butterflies settled in my stomach, I did a decent enough job.  What I was instructed to do was to announce the fighters as they came into the ring, laud the sponsers for each match, and then keep a running commentary on what was happening in the matches as they were happening.  WHEW!  It was actually quite a lot of work!  I had sheets in front of me to tell all the information, but WOW keeping tabs on what was going on without having a breeze blow me over?  Difficult!  


The first match pit my Friend Mizuno against a spicy Miqo’te by the name of R’iqu.  She had this tactic where she kept using these little bits of conjured elements and POOF!  Ramming them into Friend Mizuno’s armor.  Though in the end, he was downed by a big bonk to his nogging, which actually made him go out cold for a little bit.  Talk about scary!  I was worried, but Friend Kiyo was right there to wake him back up and tend to his wounds afterward so that made me a lot less worried.  


The second match was a two-for.  The Jewel of Gyr Abania, Hartgeim, had a partner who was another Miqo’te, a bouncy thing called U’nalia.  The other pair was one of the Lynx top fighters in their Duel Nights, Talan, who had a shooty blade partner by the name of Johnny Gat.  First up, U’nalia and Johnny went head to head, but it was more like a tap dance around each other than a head to head.  Eventually, Johnny got a solid shot in on U’nalia, winning the match by an ilm.  That brought Hartgeim and Talan in to finish off the round and see who would be the winner.  And let me tell you, Talan was on FIRE!  I mean that, literally.  I was worried for my wings through the whole of the fight, hoping they’d not get singed.  After a solid headbutt, followed up by knocking the wind out of her, Hartgeim went to the mat and couldn’t continue, being quite dazed by it all.  Talan was out to climb that contenders ladder and he took some major leaps this time, let me tell you!   Afterward, Talan and Johnny had a friendly little match against each other, and Talan didn’t even relent for that one despite it not being anything ranked.  But it was sure fun to watch!  


So that’s been my adventures as of lately!  I would have loved if Flower would have been able to be there, but sometimes it just goes that way with Dearhearts, doesn’t it?  Can’t be around them all the time, and having a life means sometimes you spend a lot of time away from your Dearheart.  But it makes the reunions that much sweeter, when you do get to see them again.  So wherever you are right now Flower, know that this Butterfly Man’s heart is flitting around happily thinking about you.  


On the subject of Dearhearts, if YOU are still looking for yours?  Let me help!  I know I always say this, but it’s true.  Drop in to The Daily Moogle offices and pick up a form for my Matchy Dates!  I have proof that my Matchy services work, I’ve seen a few of the matches I’ve made out and about and together!  Right now I have quite a few forms, but none that really Match all that well.  Your Future Dearheart just might be one of them!  Don’t hesitate, come fill one out and let me help you!  Until next time, don’t forget to be bold, be yourself, and ignore the naysayers.  Chances are, they’re just jealous anyway.

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