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January 21, 2022

Hello there everyone!  Wes, The Butterfly Man, coming at you with something a little different this time.  If you’re an avid reader of my column, then you know I was looking to expand a bit, start writing on some other subjects.  One of those subjects happens to be – Interviewing!  I sat down for a quick little chat with Hartgeim, the owner of the Wanderer’s Respite, and talked a little about that and a little about her pet project, the EGF.

Hello Hart!  Hart is what most folks call you, right?  At least that’s what I’ve heard.  What other names do you have besides that?  Or, maybe I should ask what names you have that you’ll allow yourself to be called!

Well Hart is what I normally go by as I know folks find those Seawolf names hard to pronounce but I guess Jewel as well if you want a literal translation of my name.

Now, we all know a lot about the EGF, and we’ll get to some questions about that… but the readers don’t know all that much about the Wanderer’s Respite itself!  Tell us a little about it.  Why the place came into existence, what the goal of the Respite is, what we can expect when we walk in the doors : 

Ah now that’s a long story fer sure. So the Respite came about after me and some of my old colleagues from another company were booted out fer one reason or another, was a sad day really. The old place we used to be in was all about looking after the needy and the like. Charity work that sorta thing but new management came in and fecked all that up.

So we four ostracised members built a new group, we were called the Astral Crusaders at the time. Our main goal was, well, one as an adventuring company to make some gil to stay afloat. The Respite served as our base but I had an ulterior motive. I opened it up as a tavern but with the agenda of also making it a place fer lost souls to stay where we could keep ‘em out of harms way. I will tell you we had a fair few lost souls come through our doors over the years, some for good or ill.

(Hart pauses here in what feels like self-contemplation)

Won’t lie things were good fer a time, we branched out did a few different things. The adventuring company got big – on top of that our taverns maid nights as they were called became a popular hit and dragged in the Gil. Unfortunately things went belly up, could say we got too big and lost sight of things.

Nowadays however we’re just yer humble tavern. But the goal’s still the same if someone needs a safe palace to stay the Respites there for ’em. Part from that we just want to give folks a great time and of course when the cage is open put on one hells of a show.

If someone wanted to get hired to help out at the Wanderer’s Respite, what would they need to do?  What job opportunities are available, what would they be involved in?

Always looking fer bar staff to help run the place, we also are always looking fer physicians but thats mostly t’ do with the show that goes on downstairs. But yeah mainly bar workers and kitchen staff. Although as we get busier some extra security wouldn’t go amiss.

Now let’s delve a little into the EGF.  Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter is always looking for ‘new blood’ so to speak.  But this new blood comes in different forms, such as commentating, medical personnel, referee’s, and fighters.  What do you currently have a lack of and would like to have more?

Ah yeah my baby the EGF. Well currently I’m looking fer some new medical staff – as of now I have one on staff. We are also in need of a few extra referees, Kaiya, our chief ref, does an amazing job and I’ll sub in when she’s unavailable but I’d prefer to sit back and enjoy me own show more. ‘Course we are looking fer fighters on a constant basis, ‘specially those who’ve got a drive to get to the top as well having some dramatic flair. As fer commentators, although I’ve got a good few on staff, an extra hand never goes awry for that odd sick day.

What can a new spectator come to expect when they decide to watch one of the shows?

High octane action, surprises, and some honest to goodness brutality. With a dash of the theatric. Honestly what more can ya ask fer.

How can fans support their favourites, outside of showing up to their matches?

I mean – cheer them on, buy some merchandise. We’ve started making dolls of yer favourite fighters. I hear the Lorilae dolls are selling like hotcakes right now .. Dei dolls not so much. ‘Course if you’ve got a larger coin purse you can always reach out to me to sponsor an event. More gil we got coming on, more shows we can put on, thus more pay days fer yer favourites. ‘Course you could always look to sponsor a fighter directly.

Last but not least, how would new spectators and old fans alike learn about the up and coming matches, where all is this information given out?

We put up fliers across the realm and make sure to notify all the local rag sheets about the big EGF shows. ‘Course if it catches on, we may start radio EGF to keep you up to date on all the newest events in the EGF scene. Provided of course those new fangled radios take off. But we’ll see.

Thank you for the interview, looking forward to speaking with you again!


You read it here, Friends, how to get involved with either the EGF or The Wanderer’s Respite!  Stay tuned in this spot for more interview in the future, conducted by Yours Truly!

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