All Things Matchy Friends, Again!

August 29, 2021

Hello as ever my wonderful Dearheart Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon to be Dearhearts!  This Butterfly Man has been flitting around quite some bit these past few suns, let me tell you.  Actually.. DO let me tell you!


Two suns back, The Daily Moogle held the second of our Matchy Friend events and it was glorious!  To start things off, Friend Youko had agreed to allow us the evening’s use of a lodge where she hangs about often, Wehs Lahr.  The entryway floor alone was something that this Butterfly could only have -dreamed- of before, but now I know it is a reality!  There’s several walls which are quite well overgrown with vines and plants, the perfect place for butterflies to take a soothing rest and respite.  We all gathered here to begin, gave our thanks to our gracious hosts for the evening, and then began the pairings!  Friends Kiyo and Mizuno (who were successfully matched using my Secret Admirerer service!) were there to help out again this time, as was my Co-worker Chabi, whom I’d not met before.  HELLO NEW FRIEND CHABI!  After three rounds of what I can only feel are successful matches, then it was time for the general socializations!  We headed upstairs where there’s a very lovely balcony overlooking the area below, where Friend Zeelios played some music for us and much chatting was had.  Also our lone Hrothgar friend brought Rice Cakes!  WOW!  And a special present for me, I guess because I was the main host?  It was an extremely nice gesture and I am very very happy to be thought of in such detail!  Several of us hung around until the wee hours of the night, talking about Katana’s and Relationships.  I should clarify those were two entirely separate conversations, at least for the Friends that were remaining.  I made several new Friends myself, and I saw several smiles on several faces before they left, so I consider this Matchy Friends Part Second a rousing success!  And not just because someone asked for not one but -two- autographs from me.  THAT was fun!  Does this mean I’ve made it big?  Hmm.  We’ll have to see later, won’t we!


Because both Matchy Friend events to date have been successful, I will definitely be hosting a third.  HOWEVER!  If there is a place that would be willing to have us host at their location, this time we’re going to be heading to the deserts of Thanalan, and the Goblet!  If you think your location might fit this list nicely, don’t hesitate to contact me at The Daily Moogle offices in the Mist.


As I bring this to a close, let me remind you again that there are two other Matchy type services available.  One I spoke of earlier, the Secret Admirererer service, where -I- make out a date for you based on a discreet survey given to the one you admire, and the Matchy Dates service, which has forms available at all times that can be picked up from The Daily Moogle offices.  I need more forms filled out!  My Soon to be Dearhearts, let me help you find your Dearheart!  I have a few forms sitting around, waiting patiently, and I’d love to be able to file these into the ‘matched’ category.  So don’t hesitate, pick up a form!  Until next time, may your rainbows come as a surprise and your waterfalls ever sprinkle gentle sprays upon twined hands….

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