Apple Cider in Ul’Dah

April 15, 2021

Ul’dah is a rather fascinating city. As it had suffered an influx of refugees after the fall of Ala Mhigo and the population grew exponentially. Which as I understand it, has led to quite a bit of tension between the refugees and the residents.

With that being said it is much easier to blend into the crowds in this busy city. The new attire I purchased has been quite handy in infiltrating the back streets. You can see an entirely different side to the city when you step away from the main streets.

The glittering prosperity that keeps the city ever turning does not seem to find its way into these forgotten corners of the city. My heart simply breaks for some of these people who are merely trying to live day to day.

While there is so little I can do to help them, I am able to at least put some coin in their hands here and there. Those who have tidbits of information are aiding me in reaching my goals. Even in just little bits at a time. In these back streets a little coin goes a long way and in Ul’dah very little happens that goes unnoticed.

I must also endeavour to be even more cautious in maintaining separation between this second life I am slowly cultivating here than in many other places. With the exception of Gridiania of course. The watchers of the woods are quite vigilant and very little goes on that avoids their gaze. That would be the one location that has been the hardest for me to find a ready way of obtaining information outside of discussions with adventurers in the market or the Carline Canopy where the adventurers usually gather. For a drink or a bit of coin adventurers are usually quite willing to tell tales of what they have seen as they traverse the continent and for that I am quite grateful.

After spending some time in the Alchemist’s Guild as a bit of ruse for my being in Ul’dah for the time being I decided that I needed to find a bite to eat. An adventurer who had visited the Alchemist’s Guild that day to purchase elixirs before venturing out for work recommended a restaurant I had yet to visit.

It is called the Ribeye Bar and apparently they specialize in cider. Though they offer stew as well. The lovely woman serving was also willing to converse with the patrons and that was quite welcoming. Especially for those like myself who know very few people in Ul’dah.

After ordering I did see one familiar face however. Apparently Mizuno had traveled to Ul’dah and visited the restaurant as well. He was delighted to find out they offered stew and ordered some for himself as well.

For some reason Mizuno seems set on discovering more about an entertainment venue called The Gold Saucer. The hostess mentioned that it was a safe enough place that even spawned a type of card game that became rather popular among the people of Eorzea.

While at the moment I have little interest in visiting the location Mizuno seems to be very curious about it. I will have to wait to find out if he visits or not. Hopefully he does not garner any additional injuries in the attempt.

Alys also visited the Ribeye and gave me a rather large hug. She seemed quite cheerful and spoke with quite a number of people at the restaurant. After seeing her sitting over the well not too long ago it is quite heartening to see that she seems to be finding her way as she is reaching out to those around her.

Would that I had the capacity to do the same, but granted, I have my work.

Unfortunately I was not able to speak with her for very long as I was quite exhausted from the day’s activities and wished to return to the inn to rest. Tomorrow is yet another day.

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