Bad Alchemy Public Service Announcement

June 17, 2021

The Alchemy guild in Ul’dah has requested issuance of a public service announcement regarding certain personal care items being sold by merchants in Thanalan. 

Though they are for the most part harmless, the more sensitive may notice rashes or discoloration of skin around the area of use. The symptoms do seem to go away once use of the product is discontinued.

There were reports of one individual suffering chest pains and hair loss. However the rumors of this cannot be confirmed at this time as the individual cannot be located for comment.

If you have any questions about items you may have recently purchased the Alchemists guild would be willing to test samples of the product for a modest fee. If however you begin to notice health issues after beginning to use any product it is recommended that one cease usage and if necessary consult a trusted medical practitioner.

The Alchemists guild would also like to remind the residents of Thanalan to purchase hygiene and personal care related items from well known and reputable merchants.

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