Best Teams on Display! Top four Duke it out at the Iron Lynx!

October 10, 2021

With the tournament only weeks away the Iron Lynx are pulling out all the stops this moon as they bring us the Tag-bral Moon. I may be late writing about this but hey better late than never so lets get into it.

First up was the Litors composed of Razaphale Litor and her partner Zander. Taking on the Iron wolves made up of Aria Selmer Kade Malfroy.

The fight started off fast and furious with Aria and Zander locking horns, greatsword against sword and shield.

The two were traded blows back but it would be Aria who would be the first to tag out by using some dark style magics to teleport across to their side of the arena and avoid Zanders attack. Kade would enter the arena with a belly full of fire wasting no time in lunging towards Zander. Zander chooses not to tag out to allow his fresh faced partner take on this new opponent. This was a poor move it would seem as Kade proved to be a darn side more eager than their partner, unleashing some well timed swings catching Zander unawares and forcing him to tag in the boss lady.

Unfortunately Razaphale would find herself outmatched by her opponent and after getting in one good strike Raz would be on the backfoot against this devil with a sword as their battle became an all out brawl. Unfortunately it would not be enough for Raz to capitalise and the Boss lady was soon forced to tag her partner back in putting them both at a serious points disadvantage.

Zander was ready however and as he reentered the arena his shield had already left his arm and was smashing into Kades face now forcing them to tag out shrinking team Iron Wolf’s lead. Aria reentered and unleashed her dark energies (what looked like she’d been charging outside the arena in breach of duel night rules) against Zander who contoured with his magnificent aura of light. A clash of light and dark it surely was as Zander hurled a ball of light at Aria to strike her true. However team Litor were soon o nthe backfoot once more as Aria scored a hit knocking Zander out of the fight Leaving Razaphale to fight two on one against the Iron wolves. The numbers advantage would not last long as Razz would lob her blade towards her opponent in a desperate attempt and Aria did not block. Taking the hit and bowing out and obviously leaving the boss lady rather annoyed that her opponent had chosen to chicken out and walk away. Clearly the fight did not seem to matter to Aria else they would have kept up the numbers game seeing as they had the numerical advantage. Either way it was now down to Razaphale versus Kade. Each only needing one hit to eliminate the other.

What followed was a short and vicious fight once more that would see Razaphale take the win for her team as she punted Kade away.

After the fight was over the victors stood in the arena and made an announcement. It turns out after winning this fight the pair have decided to get hitched, all I can say is congratulations and make sure not to have it on a duel night (I hear those weddings end in disaster).

With that we moved onto the second match what saw the top four Lynx duelists square off. Team Astral Crusaders made up of the Astral Crusader herself Rumia Scarlett and the Jewel of Gyr Abania Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn, taking on the team of Talan Gelson and J’tohjo Tia, the golden wind.

From what I managed to overhear the Crusaders had a simple plan, keep tagging in and out to keep themselves fresh and to drain their opponents. Unfortunately like any good plan it becomes a marvelous chocobo wreck as soon as the battle begins.

Rumia and Jojo were first up to bat and Jojo showed why he is number one on the board by overwhelming Rumias defences and sending the poor Xaela reeling. After a quick one two Rumia was forced to tag out as a energetic hartgeim rushed in. It was gunblade versus fists as Jojo gave hartgeim a good run for her Gil, getting i na good hit before Hartgeim one two punched Jojo and forced him to tag out forcing Talan and Hartgeim into there third confrontation. It was a uphill struggle for the Jewel but Talan once more proved too much for her as he managed to turn around a devastating big swing and clobber the Roegadyn in the face with a flaming kick. Rolling out of the way to make the tag, Hartgeim would launch her teammate toward Talan scoring a hit. Talan would not stay and fight however, opting to tag in Jojo and let him finish what he started. 

The two would square off swinging there weapons trying to catch their opponent unawares. However Jojo would gain the upper hand after pulling out a backup gun and shooting a lightning bolt from the chamber, taking Rumia out and sending her to the bar for a pint. 

Hartgeim would rush back in full of fire and fury and would leap off the walls of the arena to unleash her curtain call. Jojo was awestruck as he was blasted back by the torrent of Aether Hart unleashed taking him out of the match. When it looked like the Crusaders had a chance however Talan remerged sending a right hook towards her. Hartgeim now drained from her little stunt, could barely get her arms up in time but not fast enough as the punch sent her staggering up against the arena wall, sounding the end of the match.

With that the matches drew to a close. The first night of the Iron Lynx Tag-bral Moon was very successful giving audiences a show thats for sure. I do wonder though what the next three events will bring. Especially the costume fights at the end of the month. Till then folks make sure to cheer till your throat it sore because this month their is alot of action on the cards.

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