Mizuno and Kiyo Outside of Limsa Lominsa

Clothes Make The Man

April 14, 2021

Mizuno surprised me today, stopping by unexpectedly. Sadly I was still wearing my infiltration attire. I was rather shocked and left quickly ducking out before he could get a good look at me. I returned some time later dressed in my usual attire. Mizuno let me know there had been someone in the office without me and I thanked him for telling me and mentioned that I should ask about the building.

I managed to obtain a set of rather pirate looking clothes from the market in Limsa Lominsa. Quite cheaply too I might add. Surprisingly no one questioned why I was purchasing them, but there seem to be few questions asked when making purchases in Limsa Lominsa, at least in the right places. I find this quite helpful and rather fascinating.

Changing into the coarse attire helps open doors that would be closed to someone wearing finer clothes. Affecting their accent also adds, but I am not quite to that point as of yet. In even remaining silent in the right places I have found some information networks in Limsa that seem appealing. One with sensitive hearing can learn quite a bit from the corners in the various dens of drink. Well, when dressed in a sufficiently invisible manner.

As of course I have let no one know of what is becoming more or less a second life, I was certainly grateful to hide it from Mizuno. Though I did appear a bit shaken and despite receiving treatment for yet another injury, he refused to leave without asking several questions.

I agreed to get some tea with him at the Drowning Wench, as I believe it is called, in Limsa Lominsa. It is generally for adventurers but they accept coin from any and all. It has been quite convenient for me as I stay at the inn there as opposed to sleeping at my practice. While the neighbors are quite darling I have a strong feeling that the building would not be secure should my endeavor become known to dangerous parties. I am probably being overly cautious but such is the nature of my particular madness I believe.

The more I spoke with Mizuno the more I came to realize that he might actually be quite helpful in my intelligence gathering scheme as, well, a bit of a distraction. Better equipped he would be as much of a distraction as I usually am in my attire. It would be something that I could use to my advantage.

I couched this however as offering to provide him with a set of armor if he would be willing to assist me here and there in small matters. He had apparently suffered a black eye from an adventurer after jostling the person. Apparently the adventurer had been offended by this and struck Mizuno. I mentioned that to reduce having similar events in the future he should perhaps dress more in step with the adventurers.

I of course did not go into detail as to any other reasons I might have for assisting him and he oddly enough did not ask. I suggested we make inquiries at the Armorer’s guild. I am curious to see what they might be able to provide.

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