Café Delight

Cupcake, Tea And A Drinking Bird

April 10, 2021

Sadly this day also required a bit more travel as I had business to attend to in Ul’dah at the Alchemists guild. I may have also stopped in the Sapphire Exchange to see if I could make any contacts that would assist me in my endeavour.

Fortunately I believe I made some inroads, but apparently upon my next visit I shall have to wear clothing more Eorzean in fashion to blend into the side streets. My Hingan attire seems to attract too much attention.

That being said one of the merchants I spoke with recommended a lovely baked goods shop in the Goblet. He said that I must visit if I am to begin to get a grasp on Eorzean culture. I believe he may have been overstating the case, but arguably meeting new contacts even in such places can be quite helpful. Both my business and my overall goals seem to benefit.

The location is a baked goods establishment called Café Delight, and it really is delightful. I was surprised to find Doman tea on the menu so of course I had to sample it.

I also had a baked good called a ‘cupcake’. It was very sweet but quite palatable. There are so many types of food and drink available in Eorzea, especially at the locations the adventurers visit frequently.

The establishment itself is also very comfortable and decorated in a welcoming manner. It also has some intriguing items. One of which was this small moving bird that I admit I may have studied at length, it was just fascinating.

Though I may have made a patron of the establishment a bit uncomfortable in doing so.

After purchasing a second cup of Doman tea I passed by someone and I realized that I had met them before. It was Gill, I had met her previously at another establishment. It was at another location in the Goblet, I believe it was called The Crooked Shutter.

While I could not remember Gill’s name I did remember that she had ordered Ramen and had an injured arm. I also remember a darling Lalafell who shared a sweet dessert with me. I bought cookies for her to take with on her travels.

On speaking with Gill I also met some other lovely individuals, some of which sadly I did not have a chance to converse with as much as I liked. But they all seemed quite entertaining and wonderful.

I should note they were Yuu’a Rai a Miqo’te man, Rosa Alice a Hyur woman, Gill who is a lovely Roegadyn woman and a couple, Nero and Aeryll.

Apparently many of them have experience in mercenary work, which would explain why Gill had been injured. Though it would be unprofessional of me to assume the causes for any injuries.

Nero and Aeryll are married and seem to be quite happily so. She is a conjurer and they travel together on adventures. A part of me envies them but I cannot say I would have time for the same life myself. Though apparently not everyone they know agreed with their union, but I imagine that an Ala Mhigan man and a Miqo’te woman are not a common pairing.

Which reminds me, when next I see Aeryll I should discuss healing herbs with her as apparently she travels to find various plants. Oddly enough I can only imagine how exciting that must be.

After leaving Café Delight I decided to return to my office to prepare for the morning. I managed to catch a late running airship but it was costly. This has been a very expensive week in traveling costs and my sleep schedule.

Upon entering the Crescent Moon who did I find sitting in my waiting room but the same man from earlier. Arguably I was taken aback and a bit suspicious. He said he was waiting for the healer, apparently he’d heard that this is a chirurgeon’s office. I imagine it might have been that same neighbour who seems to be intent on having me meet new people.

He had left the cafe well before I did and must have traveled on a different airship, that can be the only explanation I have for how he managed to appear in my office.

Apparently the Xaela is named Mizuno, and upon talking further we realized we’d met before.

Upon travelling to the Steppes I had hired him to assist me. I needed to obtain a rare fungus that would be required to make a potion to treat a young girl’s lung condition. It can be found most commonly growing on on the back of a creature known as the Chichu which thrives in the harsh Steppe climate.

Mizuno is however a bit eccentric. While in my office he managed to burn himself on steam pipes that bring hot water to my lab. I suppose I shall have to warn visitors of them to avoid the same event in the future.

Along with the treatments he’d come to me for I also had to treat a mild burn wound.

He will also apparently be one of my charitable cases as he did not have the requisite gil to pay my fee. He says that he will however work in trade and I could use assistance obtaining alchemical items and the like so it might be beneficial. That is of course if I see him again.

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