Different Lives

April 22, 2021

Yesterday was quite a busy day. I left yet another missive in the morning and spent the bulk of the day in the Alchemist’s Guild working with colleagues to perfect the alchemical recipe for the medicine I intend to produce. I believe I have the process well in hand at this point. The details of which are of course now among my alchemical formulas.

I did have another response left for me that evening in the Goblet, though I did have to dodge Mizuno to acquire the note without notice. Tanaka had been seen recently taking work from Gridania and as far afield as Gyr Abania. Apparently however I will have to do a bit of work in Gridania to learn more.

I intend to do just that today after spending a day attending my practice. A practice that I have all but neglected this week sadly.

Yesterday evening I chanced to meet Mizuno in Ul’dah. He mentioned that he would be traveling to the Wandering Respite. He too had seen the recent fliers and decided that he might try his luck at finding a bit of work. Apparently he can use funds to have his weapon repaired.

His weapon of choice is a badly battered gunblade and that is what he had been discussing with the gentleman yesterday evening. That and apparently handing over a good portion of his funds in the process.

He asked if I might help him pay for a meal and I agreed. We went to Menphina’s Bosom. That of course is the business run by Matron Kira. Ayame had suggested I visit to learn more of keeper culture and after the tea ceremony it was quite lovely to see Matron Kira and Thya again. I was quite honored that they recognized me.

Walking into their restaurant is akin to walking into another world. It is as if one stepped out of the harsh sun of Thanalan into the lush forests of the Shroud. They also serve dishes representative of their culture which I find delightful. Though granted this is only a small measure of what their lives must be like, I can say that I still find it fascinating.

Sadly I did not have much time to speak with Matron Kira or Thya as Ayame was present as well and we spoke at length. She was quite glad of having an opportunity to discuss the recent tea ceremony. She mentioned that she was quite moved by Akagane’s reactions during the ceremony. He did seem to be not only at peace, but to rather savor the affair.

Ayame told me that Akagane will be returning to Kugane, I do wonder if he might have felt a bit homesick after attending such an event. I do hope that I might be able to host both Akagane and Ayame in my Shirogane home at some point. If nothing else than to return her kindness for not only inviting me to her tea ceremony, but for everything she has done for me since our meeting in her tea room.

As Uncle has requested that I return to Kugane to speak with him, I will be sure to ask if he would be welcome to such an event.

I was however rather embarrassed by Mizuno’s behaviors toward me yesterday evening. I do not believe he meant to be offensive, but he was so loud in a peaceful place. He also pushed a half eaten dessert toward me as he rushed out the door after yelling that I had paid for the dish. I honestly could have strangled the man.

It is of course the way of the world. The men that seem to end up in my life are louts with no decorum. Granted considering my social standing in Kugane I certainly would not be sufficient for a man in the same vein as Akagane. Ayame, having been raised as a Samurai in a Samurai clan would of course be a much more suitable match. I may have a bit of funds and stature due to my profession, but the daughter of a Shinobi, no matter how polished she may be, would not be the same.

I have no idea why I am even considering any of this. I suppose these odd thoughts are in my head after reading those novels. Which were insightful into interactions, but I can say that I doubt any of the material would happen in reality. Well aside from the couple who could never be. For women in my position, such is life.

Regardless I have no time for such thoughts. After finishing my meal and conversation with Ayame I visited the Wanderer’s Respite. I am not sure if Mizuno found work or not as I left before I could speak with him. The interviews ran a bit long and I became quite weary by the end of my discussion with Hartgeim the red haired Roegadyn who owns the Respite.

Apparently she was concerned that someone of my stature might have issues treating fighters that may be two or more times my size and reluctant to accept treatment. As I have treated men Mizuno’s size and in the past Roegadyn Samurai with twice his girth I can say that I am not afraid.

I told her that while the fighters have the right to refuse treatment, depending on the severity of the injury sedation may be employed if necessary. She agreed and stated that she would accept blackmail as an option as well and despite myself I found this to be rather amusing.

I signed a contract that stated I would be paid for assisting in these events that are to occur once if not twice a month. It would be welcome of course. I am however doing this to benefit my practice by demonstrating my skills to others.

Ah and another item of note, apparently some of the fighters Hartgeim knows are not comfortable with healing via magical means. She doesn’t know why sadly. I mentioned that I actually prefer healing through more conventional means using potions, bandages, sutures and the like. Hartgeim believes that would likely be ideal and I agree.

Apparently they have all of the equipment I should need and there will be one other healer assisting as well. I am quite curious to see how events will unfold, but kami only knows.

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