Eorzea's Greatest Fighter

EGF Last Man Standing This Sunday!

October 20, 2021

Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter returns with EGF #8 The Last One Standing!

Thats right folks after victory was cruelly taken from her at the final hurdle the #1 contender Helga will take on the champion R’dei Rhes! This will be the second time R’dei has had to defend her title. Will she remain the EGF champion or will Helga walk away the victor?

New to the EGF, but not to the ring the ‘Talon of the Sea’ Talon Morys makes his cage debut against the ‘Ravishing Rava’ Lorilae Hyskaris.

Returning favorite, the ‘Drunken Brawler’ Talan Gelson returns to win a solo match against the mysterious and undefeated Traveller.

As Hart would say “Its gonna be a barn stormer of a show so don’t miss out!”

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