EGF second event delivers the goods with a new champion crowned.

June 4, 2021

Well folks Eorzeas Greatest Fighter second event has ended in a somewhat explosive finale. 

The event started off with a surprise as Gylbart Carver joined the announcing team to give his thoughts on the fighters.

Gylbart Carver was the winner of the first EGF tournament (formerly known as the Eorzeas Greatest Adventurer) two years ago but had to surrender the title after injuries forced him to retire as champion thus leading to the title match for the vacant EGF title. He was joined by the lalafel referred to as ‘Lil Guy’ and the Daily Moogles’ very own Mizuno. I will say that the commentary team were amazing and managed to keep up with the intense action in the cage.

The first match was Talan the drunken brawler Versus The berserker Gibbs. 

The first round started off hard and fast with both fighters trading blows back and forth but each time one looked to have the advantage the other countered. The frustration could be seen on the fighters faces as the referee called the rounds end and called them back to their corners.

As the second round began the fight once more looked like it would be a stalemate until Gibbs drew first blood quite literally, her blade tearing into Talans flesh causing him to bleed. Talan would find himself on the back foot for the rest of the round as Gibbs would once more find her mark cutting the poor Hyur open once more as the referee once more called time .

As round three began you could tell that both fighters were at their limit. Both looked exhausted but determined as they came out of the corners swinging. Gibbs got another bloody blow on Talan, the two would then lock up once more with Talan trying to overcome his fearsome opponent to tie up the fight but Gibbs was having none of it. With no more blows being scored time was called and Gibbs announced the winner of match one, after the fight Talan could be seen being escorted by the medical team to be treated while Gibbs looked to adamantly refuse any kind of medical attention.

So with that almost one sided match over we moved onto our second fight between the boxer kira Crownsgarden and Rae ‘the golden shield’ Peak. This was one of the hotly anticipated matches of the night. Kira had been on a winning streak at the Lynx of late and this reporter would say one of the hotly anticipated talents to be signed to the EGF. Rae on the other hand is the last Iron Lynx tournament winner who has had a run of bad luck since then. Currently she is sitting at five losses and zero wins. To say that everyone was waiting for Rae to make a comeback was an understatement.

As the referee called for the start of the fight Rae came out swinging fiercely landing a devastating blow and sending Kira reeling and earning Rae two points, unfortunately for Rae she would not get the time to capatalise as that initial blow seemed to be the wake up call Kira needed to come back swinging. Kira was able to get a two good solid blows in before Rae could regain her footing and counter kiras attack, however before either could regain the advantage the referee called time and the round came to a draw.

Round two began with both fighters landing a double blow on each other sending both staggering back. Unfortunately from here on out neither would be able to score a decisive blow. Both Rae and Kira seemed to anticipate each other’s next move. I don’t know if these two had ever fought before but how they were going at it felt like they knew each on an intimate level. Once more the round was called and once more the score stood at a draw. 

At this point I and the audience were on the edge of our collective seats. Here Rae had once more found a challenging opponent in Kira, thrown into a longer drawn out fight than either of them were used to. We all wondered could the Golden Shield end her losing streak, could she clench victory from the jaws of defeat. Or would Kira stand tall with Rae lying beneath her feet. 

As the match began I held my breath in anticipation. Kira attempted to grapple rae and pin her down but rae would have none of it. Rae unleashed a round of powerful sword strikes but Kira bobbed and weaved. Just then as the time ticked away and just as the referee was about to call time with one almighty shove of her shield and an arcing swing of her sword Rae sent Kira flying back knocking her unconscious! As the referee called out that Kira had taken the round as well as the match the audience erupted in a round of applause seeing the former Iron Lynx champion come out on top.

With that a few moments respite was given for everyone to gather themselves and for the medics to recover the two fighters and take them for examination the main event began.

The EGF title sitting next to Gyl on the commentators desk waiting for someone to finally wrap it around their waist.

The two fighters strode into the arena R’dei coming forth in a set of heavily customised magitek armour making her look like some form of Allagan construct. Alyx had also come prepared regaled in a magnificent set of blue armour obviously crafted by an exquisite craftsman. Both these two obviously knew the importance of this match and had prepared their attire accordingly. 

The two stood in there corners, R’dei seething with intensity and cocky swagger while Alyx Being the polar opposite as she was calm and collected.

Before the announcers could finish introducing the match and the fighters, the Referee obviously eager to see the match underway called for its start.

Both would come out of their corners swinging, Deis’ axe clashing with Alyx’s sword. As they swung back and forth Alyx would spout out pleasantries and supportive comments. These must have gotten to R’dei as she seemed to let her guard down allowing Alx to get in a massive cleave . Deis armour took the blow but before Dei could reciprocate in kind the round was called. Both fighters returned to their corners Alyx meditated in her corner complimenting Dei on her performance so far while Dei growled at ther screaming for Alyx to stop complimenting her. 

As the second round commenced R’deis rage as plain to see running out of her corner and not giving Alyx time to react and brought her magitek axe down upon her knocking her back into the cage, her armour stopping any serious injury from happening. From there a clash of magitek did begin with Alyx using the spells at the disposal to ward off R’deis strikes. As the second round drew to a close R’dei had taken the round but barely. Now two round a piece Dei and Alyx oce more went back to the corners, Alyx still complimenting Dei and reflecting on how much she was enjoying the match. Whilst her opponent stole a kiss through the cage with A’saanha the medic on call and Deis current partner.

As the final round commenced the cheers went u for both competitors as Dei screamed for Alyxs blood, once more out of the gate Dei would rush forth the skirt on her armour exploding into shards that shot into the cage directing electricity to arc through the metal structure and down towards Alyx. The True blue knight could only just put up a barrier to top as much of the blow as they could. As Alyx defended herself deis axe would form into a magitek balster as a scorching wall of flame erupted from the weapon catching alyx unawares. Alyx would leap forth the flames flying off her armour to connect with R’dei sending her staggering back and as Dei did so Alyx would capitalise with another strike to equalise the score as once more the two collided in the centre of the ring neither able to capitalise. It looked like it was coming down to a tie, how they would decide the winner if this happened was brought up but that wasn’t a problem as the clock ticked down on the end of the round R’dei sensing victory at hand unleashed a heavy slug towards alyx who with shrouded herself with a blinding shroud of light. The audience held their collective breath as the light dissipated to find Alyx collapsed on the floor dazed and confused. With that the referee called the round in R’deis favour and thus giving her the match.

As cheers and a round of applause was given out for the pair on giving a fine match. R’dei’s arm was raised aloft as she was announced as the new EGF champion, Gylbart would present her the brand new EGF title belt cementing it for all to see. As R’dei celebrated I could not help but admire R’deis determination, for two years she had lusted after a prize she believed had wrongly been taken from her. She then had to go through hell and back to get a chance and now she stood tall A’saanha by her side as the new champion.

What does this mean for the future of the EGF? Well for the moment R’dei is the top dog of her pack but there are currently four eager contenders waiting in the wings for their chance to challenge her.

R’deis dream may have come true but will she be able to hold onto it? Only time will tell.

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