Eorzea's Greatest Fighter

Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter Lineup

May 12, 2021

Here’s the upcoming lineup for the new fight night Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter! Our own intrepid intern Mizuno Kanta is among the competitors. See him square off with Nero Redgraves. U’Nalia Odh will also be pitted against Helga Mistwalker (who happens to be blind but doesn’t let that stand in her way).

The Event start Sunday 30th May 6:30 Server Time

OOC Info: Event start Sunday 30th May 6:30 Server Time, No actual admission is to be paid and is assumed the characters paid at the door.

4 Responses

  1. This sounds exciting! Though I still wonder how Mizuno could afford the admission fee…

    1. The admission is for the spectators, not the fighters. That’s how I’m getting in for free.

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