Eorzea's Greatest Fighter

Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter Next Round Announced!

May 31, 2021

After last night’s exciting and sometimes brutal EGF tournament, the next round has been announced!

Coming three days hence (Thursday) the fights are to begin at 6:30 pm (server time).

There will be three, that’s right three different bouts!

The line up includes Alyx Greywind Vs R’dai Rhes, with R’Dei hoping to holder title!

Rae Peak will be pitted against Kira Crown.

Talan Gelson will also be pitted against the well known fighter Gill ‘Gibbs’ Ghute!

If the opening fights were any indication of what these matches will bring, it should be quite a sight! Be sure to witness the Blood and Battle! The faint of heart and those with heart conditions should be forewarned, the battles may be brutal!

When: Thursday 6:30pm Server Time

Where: Wanderer’s Respite – Goblet Ward 16 Plot 5

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  1. I fear that after putting matchup, like those. Its pretty guaranteed that fights will be morbid and till biter end.

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