Fight Night, dry night … and a bat?

May 9, 2021

Dear reader,

Trying to provide you with all manner of stories (and because the editor made me) I now provide you with my night at the Lynx Bar. By the time I had arrived the first fight as almost already done but the crowd seemed to be in high spirits.

I made my way to the bar to find a spot to sit to take notes as the second fight began, which happened to be a spear wielding Au Ra by the name of Grehmerl Haragin, the Dancing Dragon. I have never seen a dragon, especially not a dancing one.. what type of dance would it be? Would it be one like Wes, an energetic gig? I may have to go to Ishgard to find out,  dear reader. His opponent was Gill Gibbs Ghute.. I’ll have to ask about that name one day.

Now at this point I was not paying much attention to the fight anymore as Kiyo and Alys entered the place, but I can only assume that the Dancing Dragon shoved his spear in Ghute Gibbs’ direction and that she in turn tried to whack her sword at him. Ultimately the announcer shouted that Gibbs Gill won and that was the end of the second fight. While Kiyo and Alys got their drinks from the bartender, mine was not. I can only assume this is because of my new social status and he did not want to break any protocol perhaps?

The third fight.. also went by very quickly as Alys suddenly got talking about a bat, which took all of my attention away. I did notice strange magic was involved and a Hrothgar hid behind a couch. I can also safely report that at the end one of them won.

In closing, should I pay more attention? This intern definitely believes so.

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  1. An article that was a roller coaster of a ride. Very Mizuno, don’t ever change.

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