Fighter spotlight – R’dei Rhes

June 3, 2021

“It’s my feckin’ belt, I deserves it! I’m gonna beat in Alyx’s smug face”. 

These were the first words that R’dei Rhes one of the competitors in the upcoming EGF title match. To say that she has no niceties for her opponent is an understatement.

“She’s a feckin’ lil’ runt who keeps antagonisin’ me! She jus’ waltzes in ‘n starts layin’ claim ta me belt! She dinnae put in any work ‘r effort ‘n now she expects ta jus’ git it aftah one fight!”

She points towards her mother being the cause of Deis woes, her mother she is referring to being none other than the EGF’s promoter Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn.

“I’z hate Alyx, aye… me mum’s sweet ‘n stuff… but feck Alyx! ‘N aye, should jus’ gimme th’shiny belt ta defend in matches against othah folk! Th’lil’ weak bastids kin break ‘n buckle undah me strength! But feck Alyx ‘n her feckin’ cheatin’ magick shite!”

R’dei has had her eyes set on the title for a long time. She was one of the finalist in the precursor to Eorzeas Greatest Fighter known as Eorzeas Greatest Adventurer. She would fight her way throw a succession of opponents before losing in a lightning defeat ot the previous champion Gylbart Carver a swordsman with a renown for being lightning fast. R’deis memory of the event is somewhat different. Her version of events tells how Gylbarts wife one Shylvaindae Vermont had taken her to the limit in the previous fight and she was thrust into the finals without a moment to catch her breath. Of course the records of the day show that there was an exhibition match between the two matches. Was it enough time for R’dei to be ready however?

Going back to her opponent i had to ask her about the comments about her opponent, especially her accusations about Alyx cheating ways with her use of magic.

“Bah! I’z nae got feckin’ magic! I’z gots a handicap ‘n I’z tryin’ t’overcome tha’ shite via magitek! But Alyx’s got sum feckin” magick crap! She’s so feckin’ edgy magic’s comin’ out ‘r arse!”

It appears R’dei has a chip on her shoulder being put up against those who have control to weave Aetherial magics? I had to ask her giving her opinion on the main event match of the previous event and her thoughts on would she call the events seen in that match in her opinion cheating.

“Pfffsh… I’z mean… I’z nae gonna try ‘n kill anyone… though I’d nae be sad if Alyx done died… ‘r someone else iffin they’z tryin’ t’kill me… but beyond tha’… I’z mean, I’z dinnae think explosives were allowed… but… hrrrm… mum did say I’z were nae allowed t’alter th’cage.’N magick’s cheatin’… aye… nae like all o’ us kin do magick! But all o’ us kin git tech ta do shite!”

Seeing as R’dei seemed to be biased to the use of magitek i had to ask her does she think all magitek is fair game or would some be deemed cheating?

“Nah… all’s fair in tech! Jus’ a shame I’z kinnae put guns in th’ceilin’ ‘r summin’.”

Guns in the ceiling! Is this seeker for real? 

“Why nae?! I’z built th’damn rink! ‘N iffin sumone kin use bombs ‘r firefingahs, then why kin I’z nae use mounted turrets?! Mrrrh… but me mum says I’z nae allowed…”

So building the ring means that she can do what she wants, but shes only held back by Hartgeim. I am starting to wonder if getting in this cage is actually safe especially if this woman is in charge of its inner workings!

So moving awayfrom the subject of magitek weaponry that brought amanical glee to R’deis eyes I thought id turn to some more personnel questions. Starting with who she thought her fan base was.

Her answer was simple enough: the downtrodden working class and maybe the Ala Mihgans as she might be ala Mihgan? At this point she also dropped that apart from obtaining the title that is rightfully hers she also wanted to win to impress someone.

It turns out that R’dei is dating A’Saahna one of the medics currently working for the EGF and known for being over eager to tend to her patients befoe the bell has even rung.

When i aksed her why she responded “Cuz she’s me gal! Ta show how strong I’z be!”

I asked her was she worried that if she lost A’saahna would up and leave her?

“..Nah, doubt tha’. I’z like ‘r ‘n she likes me… but she’s tribal… so like… I’z reckon ‘r folk would like ‘r ta be wit’ sumone strong!”

Worried about what her future in laws might think other maybe?

As I wound the interview up i had to ask about this crazed miqo’tes life before now and try to figure out why she is the way she is.

“Oh! Err… So… when I’z were lil’ I’z were sold ta sum ol’ Nunh tryin’ ta prove he were still a big breedin’ lad… I’z ran away, got picked up by sum sky pirates… lived wit’ ’em… went raidin’… errr… mostly kept th’ship workin’… were taught by th’gobby magitekgineer o’ th’ship!

Well… aftah a few years we’z raided th’ol’ Nunh… I’z err… kinda fell inta a cauldron full o’ sum poshun, but tha’s a dif’rent story… err… fell in love wit’ a lass, who happened t’be th’captain’s gal… so… he’s made us walk th’plank. She died ‘n I’z survived cus she broke th’watah’s surface fer me…”

A tragic tale to be sure but then how did she end u working at the Respite making cages for the fights. The answer may surprise you .. or not.

“Then I’z went ta live in th’guttah… dinnae have shite… robbed folk, broke inta buildin’s…

‘N then I’z kinda chose th’wrong place… I’d seen gold on th’floor through a nearby window… so I’z snuck in ‘n started loadin’ me pockets… ‘n then Hart done found meh! But instead o’ kickin’ me arse, she done adopted me!”

So hartgeim took her in. Some might wonder whyanyone would do such a thing but what use did dei bring to the place?

“Well… I’z started workin’ fer ‘r… as th’magitekgineer o’ th’comp’ny… she even got me a lil’ summin’ wit’ me handgun… I’z gots it engraved ‘n gold-platered… I’z also made a toy version o’ it so I’z kin plop annoyin’ people in th’head wit’ rubbah balls.”

It would definitely seem that R’dei is the resident trouble maker

“I’z mean… I’z do be a bad gal. The buildin’s got vents tha’ I use fer stuff… I’z live in th’broomcloset… knocked down sum walls ta give meself a biggah room… I’z gots a side-hustle at th’Respite! Ask fer me mystery meat-sticks from th’fishcook! Heh… I’z once knocked a hole in th’floor ovah me aunt’s head cuz she took me chair… But aye! Heart o’ gold! I’z a huggah ‘n sweet ‘n stuff… sumtimes.”

Well i hope no one at the Respite knew about these things else Dei may have some serious talks coming up.

As we wrapped up i would thank R’dei for the time out of her busy schedule, i would ask her if she had any parting words for our readers?

“Err… root fer me ‘n boo at tha’ feckin’ stinkin’ Alyx!”

As I waved R’dei off from the offices I could hear her mutter under her breath that she would “gonna crush Alyx! Mebbe even break ‘r legs ‘r puncture a lung!” I know that the EGF use a similar aetheric barrier to protect their fighters when they’re in the cage but I feel that Alyx Greywind should be cautious when stepping in the ring.

My final thoughts are that R’dei is a dangerous foe who is obsessed with claiming the title that she believes is rightfully hers but has yet to earn it. She may be a danger to herself and her opponent but time will soon tell. 

Why not write in dear reader and give your thoughts R’dei wronged true champion or another seeker with delusions of grandeur? 

Either way you can catch R’dei and Alyx match tonight at the Wanderer’s Respite i the main event. I’ll see you there.



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