Heavensturn wows fans.

January 26, 2022

Well folks EGF Heavensturn is over and wow what a show with some ups and downs, as well as some unexpected turns.

Straight away the show was getting people talking. EGF champion Helga’s opponent had yet to be announced as a number one contenders bout between R’iqu Jesal and R’dei Rhes in the opening bout with the winner facing Helga in the main event title match. The mid card match for the night featured newcomer Tee Magnusdottir the Pink Menace taking on the Ravishing Rava Lorilae Hyskaris in the battle of the Vierra.

There were ups and downs i this show and were going to rate them all.

#1 Contenders bout – R’iqu Jesal Vs R’dei Rhes

Axe Versus Scythe, Seeker on Seeker action with the ever eager R’dei starting off the botu smashing her axe into R’iqu. Dei looking to put away R’iqu quickly so she could keep her top spot would soon find that R’iqu was more than raring to respond in kind as she swung her scythe round towards dei the blade hooking round her arm before clasping round her like a vice like claw bringing dei in close for a devastating critical blow that rang her bell. It was clear that Iqu had been studying Deis moves as she effortlessly outmatched the #contender and cleaned Deis clock sending her sprawling to the floor by the end of round 1.

Round two would would open with a more competitive round as Dei and iqu bounced off each other, both looking to find a opening, R’iqu would find the opening first slashing dei once more, dei would follow up with a strike of her own but Iqu would get another solid hit in as time was called signalling the end of the round. With three hits to one R’iqu would take the final round as wel las the match meaning she would face Helga in the main event as the new number one contender.

Winner R’iqu Jesal


Exhibition bout – Tee Magnusdottir Vs  Lorilae Hyskaris

This bout on paper looked to be a awe inspiring slug fest fist versus Chakram but failed to deliver the goods.

As the pair entered the cage it was clear to see by her posture and entrance that Lorilae was nto her usual self. Her energetic and fan pleasing demeanour was missing whilst her opponent Tee was bouncing with excitement apparently looking forward to taking on the Ravishing Rava in ehr first bout. 

As the bout began Tee ran headlong towards Lorilae clocking her one as lorilae put up no defence as if she was not even awake. Tee would comeback with a devastating strike sending Lorilae reeling into the cage wall. At this point you could hear the fans hollering at Lorilae to fight and others calling out to stop the fight. In another twist the fight would be paused as the referee Miss Nagano checked over Lorilae before continuing. Not finding any physical problems and Lorilae confirming she was fit to fight the match continued. However even this check was not enough to save lorilae as tee scored a third hit and the round was called before time and awarded to Tee.

As the second round began Lorilae still looked to be not focused, even pleading from Tee for her to give it her all that she wanted to fight someone just like her was to no avail. Tee would once more cut to the chase and launch herself at Laurile  tearing at her face with her vierra claws and cutting The Ravishing Ravas sublime face and turning it into a crimson mask. At the sight of her own blood Lorilae would seem to wake up for a moment managing to get a strike in with her Chakrams but by this point it seemed Tee had enough dropping Lorilae to the floor and launching a devastating ground strike to win the match.

To say the crowd was disappointed by the end was an understatement with Lorilae fans left confused, angry and concerned for the Ravishing Rava, it is safe to say however that Tee has made herself some fans in the crowd and has definitely earned the moniker Pink menace. Post match Lorilae could be seen refusing medical assistance and heading out of the Respite itself with members of the commentary team and Miss Ubyltuwyn herself heading after her. The Daily Moogle has reached out to the EGF for a comment on Lorilaes condition but a spokesperson refused to comment saying that “Currently we cannot divulge any information Lorilaes condition but it is benign looked into and we hope she makes a full recovery”.

Main Event – EGF title Match – Champion Helga Vs # Contender R’iqu ‘the Reaper’ Jesal

Finally the time ahd arrived for the EGF title match. This was helgas first title defence and everyone was wondering, could Helga retain her title and tie with Dei for title defences or will Dei still be the most dominant champion in EGF history.

Both fighters were ready, poised and ready to spring at the sound of the bell. R’iqu was first to answer the start once more catching Helga unawares like she did R’dei hooking Helga with her scythe and pulling Helga in for a devastating blow followed by another. Helga however would return the favour in kind unleashing a flaming strike followed by Limsan style headbutt that sent iqu realign back ensign the round in a draw.

Round two would open up with the Reaper as the commentators had dubbed R’iqu grabbed the opening strike  with helga turning up the aether works as she begins to unleash the flaming fists catching R’iqu with a one two punch that nearly dropped Iqu but she managed to shrug it off but managed to get another clean hit in before time was called however the round was called in Helgas favour.

As round three began the fight was leaning heavily in Helgas favour, even if R’iqu could win the round the match would be a draw thus Helga would keep her title but if R’iqu coil pull off a knockout blow she could take the match and the title.

Unfortunately Helga had other ideas as she came out of her corner swinging with some devastating lightning strikes, once more showing off her impressive aetherial skills.R’iqu would get in another good hit but it would not be enough to knock helga off her feet as the champ came back with another devastating one two combo to take the round and the match.

With that the show came to an end wit the crowd cheering for champion and challenger both. Overall the show was full of wall to wall action with the exception of the middle match overall I give it an up. 

Honestly folks after this i cant wait to see what this weeks Lord of the cage brings so i hope to see you there and if you cant make it stay tuned to the Daily Moogle for more sports news!

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