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January 22, 2022

Well folks with the EGF next event Heavensturn right around the corner I got to sit down with none other than the reigning EGf champion Helga to ask her the questions I’m sure you’ve all been dying to hear.

So Helga thanks for sitting down with us today sorry it’s taken us so long to get to this interview so here we are.

Let’s start with how are you holding up you took a big beating mid year and have been fighting with if you pardon the pun a handicap

Helga Let out a hum at the question and shrugged her shoulders a little before she answered

I am doing just fine~ Loosing my arm has taken some time to get used to, Especially when fighting since I needed to re learn my core balance which is very important to me as a blind fighter.

Indeed and with such disadvantages thrust upon you managed to beat R’dei mere moments into the final round with a devastating knockout blow, to be crowned the new EGF champion.

I have to ask when the bell rang and you were handed the title what was going through your head? How did you feel? 

I mean if it were me after overcoming adversity and what for some would be a career ending injury I know I would have been on my knees in tears of joy.

Well it felt good, Winning always does feel good as it proves more to myself than anyone else that I am capable on my own despite all my disadvantages, But those disadvantages are my strength, They keep me pushing forward to go above and beyond, I joined the EGF for fun, Not with the intention to be crowned the champion and get a nice paycheck in the process, Though I have to admit it is quite an ego boost to stand at the top, The competition hasn’t been easy after all.

Indeed the competition is getting more and more fierce but well get to that on a bit. Let’s talk more about you for now.

Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself for starters where did you get your start in arena competition. I know you’ve fought on the EGF, Iron Lynx and another defunct place what made you get involved in the Ul’dah fight scene?

There was a moment of silence as Helga took a moment to collect her thoughts as if taking the time to choose her words carefully.

Well without going into too much details I was forced to fight for entertainment ever since I was young, I was terrible at it but I didn’t want to get hurt any more so I started training to get better and eventually I started winning, I ended up in the bloodsands to earn some coin for myself and then I started joining other fighting circles for fun, It is always fun to fight new people and learn from each fight, I keep fighting to prove to myself that I am strong and capable despite all my disadvantages 

Intresting so you say you were forced to fight. I will not pry into that at this moment but I assume along the way between these events you learnt your talent for aether manipulation

Well yes you could say that, My aether manifested on its own without me even practising for it, I almost burnt off both my arms as you can see here on my left arm, All the scarring was because my hands caught on fire and it spread across my arms, Though after I recovered from that I started to learn how to control my flames and branch out into other types of aether, Wind, Earth, Lightning and so on.

That would go to explain the uhh mishap with your arm. So you are in a way naturally talented with aether that’s interesting. Have you received any official training from any monks or pugilists or any form of martial arts school?

Also on the subject of schooling I hear your one of the reasons Talan was one if the most dominate fighters at the lynx last year and that hes your student 

Well..For the most part I did train with my sister Maetiwyb, but in our travels we came across an old monk who then would teach me in the ways of the monk, The ways of Rhalgr as it were, Not long after I became his student two others joined in with the training who became two good friends of mine, Vildis and Kahastar. 

And yes I’ve been teaching Talan how to control his aether better and give him some ideas that expanded his view on how he could do things, I haven’t taught him much in terms of throwing a fist since he is more than capable of doing that on his own.

Wow that would explain alot. Course that must make your personal life interesting as your current partner on Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn current owner of the EGf and also a fierce fighter in her own right. Home life must be intrestign with the headstrong women who lover to throw down. i bet arguments get PRETTY heated.

Well me and Hart do fight it out sometimes but we don’t fight often, Or argue should I say. She might look all tough and strong, Although I wouldn’t know but she’s a big cuddle bear at the end of the day~

I mean anyone who spends a few moments talking to her probably gets that idea.

Now moving back to the topic at hand. What would you say to anyone who thinks that you are only champion because of your familial relationship with the owner. After all Harts own adopted daughter is the previous champion and from an outside perspective you’ve been pushed pretty hard in promotional material as you climbed the ladder. Some could say that the boss is playing favourites.

 I started for fun, And I got to the top for fun without loosing once until I actually reached the top. But if anyone wants to make them feel better by thinking a blind one armed woman got herself to the top unfairly then be my guest, Come face me in the right next time hm?

I think most folks would baulk at the idea of taking on a champion of your calibre which leas into my next question. How do you feel about the current situation going into your first title defence? Since you became the champions alot of the newer fighters have been chewing at the bit to get at you with R’dei serving as gatekeeper from the number on contender position.

Before the winter break the Ravishing Rava lorilae tried to take Deis spot but was pushed back and then until recently it was to be a rematch between you and her for the belt until R’iqu reasserted her challenge for deis spot and now you don’t even know who your going to be fighting against in the main event

Well I don’t think too much about it, I just think it will be fun to actually get to fight in the EGF again, I don’t get to fight as much now being at the top, But I am curious to know who I’ll end up fighting, I’d like to face R’iqu so I get someone new to fight but I’m sure R’dei wants her revenge and will come at me with some new tricks and strategies.

“If you could choose right now who do you want to fight more?”

 R’iqu, because she’s a new opponent.

I can understand your last two title matches have been against R’dei. Although if you were to fight Dei again and she won would that mean that your victory at the last big show was a fluke? After all Dei did attempt to take you on with her bare fists which may have been her undoing in the end.

Unofficially I’ve beaten R’dei twice, After she somewhat had recovered from our fight she got me in the ring and tried to cheat by turning up the aether field so much so that I was puking by the end of it but I beat her all the same and that time she had her axe, But I do agree, It was foolish of her to try and match me in hand to hand combat even though I was one arm down that time.

Well then I guess no one can really argue that your victory was not some fluke. Honestly no matter who takes you on  I cant wait to enjoy the spectacle of it all. You did say upon winning that you would be a role model of sorts to the roster I do believe. Have you managed to accomplish that in your reign as champion so far?

I just said that If I can do it, Being one armed and blind then anyone can do it, It just takes time and dedication, If people see me as a role model then I’ll be happy to keep showing off what you can accomplish as long as you train hard for it.

Good words. Well we should probably wrap this up so I gotta ask Lord of the Cage is next week, eight of the nine entrants have been announced with one being a mystery. Out of those nine who would you want to fight the most for your gold and why?

I’ve no idea who is even entering, I can’t enter so…I’ll just be serving drinks as usual, Who is fighting if you know?

Well I have the list here. Going down the list we’ve got Nero Redgrave, Tee Magnusdottir, Athena Pentaghast, Lorilae Hyskaris, rismo the ronin, U’nalia Odh, Rae Peak, Talan Gelson and this mystery opponent hart is keeping close to her chest.

Hmm..That’s quite a difficult choice, There are some good friends in there I want rematches with, I’ll probably go with the mystery opponent though, But if we go back and look at my EGF journey I had the most fun fighting against Rae.

Beating Rae. So you’d love to add another loss on to the Golden Shield aye” lua chuckles “Well all that said thank you for your time today Helga its been a pleasure interviewing you. Now do you have anything youd like to say to your fans and those coming to watch the show?

Hmm…Come prepared for a heated show, There will be plenty of fire-works in the ring.

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