Hiding from love

February 18, 2022

Well folks its the season of love and if you’re like me and are fed up of striking out and just want to get away from it all well lil Luas top five Valentino hideaways has got you covered.

5. Sagolli Desert

Yup first on my list is a barren land of sand and danger. As well as the unrelenting dunes and the serious sunburn your going to face there is also the presence of hostile Amalj’aa to be wary of, not least the hordes of most gentlemanly zombies roaming the wastes. Yes Sagolli is a terrible place, who would dare risk it to spend a few bells by its beautiful oasis with all those single miqo’te just hanging around.

4. Outer La noscea

I mean the moment you walk in its all fumes and kobolds mining. Have you ever smelt sulphur pits? disgusting. 

Course if you need to get away and spend some quality alone time there is an amazing view of the Nymian ruins from the peaks. As well as an amazing hot spring not too far past the floating ruins lies a small remote cabin with access to relaxing hot springs. Honestly, who would go all the way out here just for that perfect for hanging out by yourself, not like you’d want to share any of that with a significant someone…

3. Mor Dhonna

I mean it’s a blasted wasteland, not to mention there are imperial fortifications in the are and let’s not tall about the hostile flora and fauna.

I mean the only saving grace is its 5 star restaurant and accommodations of Revenants Toll. I mean who wants to brave the dangers to look out over the crystal lake as the light hits midgarsommer just right.

2. Gyr Abania

I mean the place was a active war zone not so long ago. What hasn’t been set on fire or demolished with artillery rounds is a barren wasteland. Seriously take a step outside of Baelsars wall and you’ll want to head back to the twelves wood.  I mean whos going to brave that blasted land to see the amazing vistas such as the lochs or the majestic architecture of Rhalgrs reach and the city of Ala Mihgo itself.


Seriously who wants to head into that tundra? The moment you cross from the twelveswood into the highlands you best be wrapped no matter what time of the year it is. I mean you have to wonder if the highlands are like this what are the lowlands like (probably buried deep under snow). Either way of the temperature is ice cold you should try the hospitality of Coerthas residence. For the most part the residence of Coerthas and Ishgard can be somewhat inhospitable. The drinks however are not too bad and the view from the highest points of Ishgard are beautiful and you can always find a warm fire to curl up next to. Not to mention with the new districts opening up soon the city will be a wash with tourists as new restaurants and inns spring up overnight.

You know as im reading this back I am starting to realise where ever you go there is nowhere to hide from the romance of the season. Ah well dear reader perhaps the only place you can escape Valentinos is to find some way to the moon. Til then however stay safe and enjoy the season in whatever way you see fit.

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