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High Tide Heist Artifact On the Loose

January 22, 2022

High Tide museum, the caretaker of a number of precious historical artifacts, has recently been the victim of a very odd and pointed theft.

The theft occurred early in the First Astral Moon (January). A former employee managed to bypass the museum’s state of the art and extensive security system. This had only been capable with the aid someone who had still been working for the Free Company. 

The item in question was not one of their display items, but rather an eerie sarcophagus. Housed within the high security facility the Free Company has dubbed the Containment Facility, all had considered it to be safely contained. High Tide has just such a facility for the exclusive purpose of housing relics that not only require additional study but those that could be potentially dangerous should they fall into the wrong hands. These items are of course kept separate from the general visiting public.

While the reason for the theft is yet unknown, there is at least one suspect. Currently both High Tide Antiquities and the Yellow Jackets are combing La Noscea to find the culprit. 

Our office received a letter in which the unknown author stated that a crew of several robed individuals along with a miqo’te dressed as a yellow jacket and a half masked Roegadyn female. They had what seemed to be a large metal case, one that could possibly be the missing sarcophagus. These same rumors speak of the boat heading north. 

Sadly upon additional questioning in Limsa Lominsa, no one was able to identify any of the individuals involved in the sordid affair. One roegadyn yellow jacket having found himself knocked unconscious by the travelers, was not available for comment. 

The large item in question apparently was rumored to make some passers by feel uneasy when in proximity with the large metal object. 

The Yellow Jackets now have this letter and of course these details. They wish to assure all that they will leave no stone unturned so to speak. I can only imagine that the staff of High Tide Museum feels the same as they too have been searching high and low for the perpetrators and this device. 

As for the safety of visitors to the museum, Hanavi Tide assures us that this is certainly a singular occurrence. That their security is typically impenetrable and that other similar incidents are highly unlikely. He also notes that their museum remains perfectly safe to visit.

Should you our dear readers have any additional information regarding this incident or might have seen the suspicious individuals mentioned please contact Hanavi Tide or the Yellow Jackets without delay. High Tide is welcome to hear any new information that might help them return this eerie object to a secure location.

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