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In the spotlight: Kesa Ura

May 15, 2021

Dear reader,

Today I interviewed Kesa Ura at the Daily Moogle, getting straight to the matter of things with pointed questions like “Who is Kesa?”
She reassured me she is herself, which is good. That means she’s not a Phoenix in disguise.

She is one of the two owners of the Phoenix Trading, working alongside X’ihra Chira. In her spare time she owns a florist shop. You can find all manner of flowers there, Brightlillies, cherry blossoms, tulips, daisies, poppies, hydrangeas, roses, aurums and even the odd bonsai from the Eastern lands! How novel. Being the craft intern I asked about discounts but she told me it would depend on my penmanship, ever the crafty businesswoman!

Moving forward, her job at the Phoenix Trading is mostly filling out request forms, sending off shipping manifests and updating the ever-changing prices of delivery. Her other side of the job is checking on customers making sales and in the odd case taking care of the on-site bar too.
I experience her greeting firsthand and it made for a welcoming .. welcome!

Being in the reporter zone, I made her feel at ease and then went for the pointed question that keeps everyone up: “I imagine feeding the elusive Phoenix also takes up quite some of your time, no?”
She was rather confused at my question and assured me there is no actual Phoenix involved and that the company was named because it rose from the closure of the Coeurl Consortium as mentioned in my earlier interview with X’ihra! If you haven’t read that one yet dear reader, pick that one up after you’re done with this.

Alas, Kesa is no Phoenix wrangler, which would have made for another interesting story.
She would also like to make it known to our readers that should you require their services you are more than welcome to the trading house or the florist.

In closing, there is no Phoenix after all, this intern believes so.

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  1. This was fun to co-write. Thanks for this ^^ looking forward to more in the future!

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