In the spotlight: The Naadam archery winner

July 18, 2021

Dear readers!

Today I interviewed A’saanha Khawa! Who is A’saanha Khawa you might ask? Well read on and find out all about this person.

A’saanha Khawa, daughter of A’khawa Nunh and A’lahmu Malha from the Antelope tribe residing in northern Vylbrand. She came around, answering the summons to interview the champions of the various events. And there you have it, another article well done!

She mentioned that the competition was quite fun to measure her skills against archers from the Steppes, even praising them. I asked if she used any particular tactic or strategy to win the competition but it came down to skill according to her, after all she had been using a bow since she was able to walk. How long has she been able to walk? Nobody knows or rather, I didn’t ask.

To quote A’saanha: “A moving target is much trickier, especially if you have to shoot it from up a tree in a jungle.”
I’ve never dangled in a tree so I wouldn’t know, I’ll have to take her word for it. She also gave some tips for our readers regarding archery. Her biggest advice would be to keep at it. Train, train, train. Try to train for at least two bells a day, more is better. Continue to train until your muscles burn and then train for a quarter bell more, then stop. You can train aiming after you have gotten used to drawing and shooting.
Moreover, don’t neglect the weather. And most importantly, be careful with your bow. If your bow is even slightly damaged, don’t continue to use it until it is fixed for sure.

Definitely things to keep in mind when using a bow. But now we come to the most important question of the article:
What happened to the first prize she received, the fluffy karakul? A’saanha and R’dei decided to keep it as a pet and A’saanha likes to cuddle it.

In closing, is this the best possible outcome for the karakul? This intern believes so.

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