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In the spotlight: X’ihra Chira

May 14, 2021

Dear reader,

Today I went to the Phoenix Trading company to find out the secret about the Phoenix, to finally end all the rumors surrounding it. Oh, and also to interview one of the owners.
The dark haired Miqo’te by the name of X’ihra Chira hosted me in their lounge and started by offering a drink, definitely a good way to get out the positive review from this intern, being ever dedicated to the cause that is writing, I stuck to juice ofcourse.

I asked her how she came into possession of the Phoenix Trading and she mentioned it came from when both she and Kesa worked for a company called the Coeurl Consortium, from what I understand the business moved back to Ishgard and they decided to turn that loss into a gain, purchasing the assets and renamed it into Phoenix Trading.

Moving from the past into the future, asking her what she would do if she was not bound by the business, she told me: “You mean, if I did not need to worry about this place or gil? Relax and enjoy my days, since being born into my tribe each day has just been a different form of work so having time to finally relax and enjoyment would be nice, maybe lazying on the sands of Costa del Sol with glasses of wine.”
I too would love to sit at Costa del Sol one day with several glasses of wine.

As for her spare time, when she actually gets it, she enjoys her old work of making cocktails for herself to enjoy or with friends. Along with visiting other taverns, social gathering places to get an idea of how other places are doing if she can start doing business with them or meet new people if she ever gets lucky enough.

The cocktails in particular had my interest as I have not yet tasted any. It’s something she picked up when she ended up making coin in bars in Ul’dah. She keeps the recipes in a book, no less.
After that quick sidetrack of mine I asked for a few words of her own to share with our readers.

“Hmm.. Apart from please do come to the Phoenix Company we’ll be happy to help find whatever you need, I hope your readers would be kind enough to purchase me a drink if they see me out and about.”
I do hope you are that kind, dear reader, this hard working woman deserves it.

In closing, I never did ask about the Phoenix, this intern regrets this.

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