Iron Lynx New Blood: Where the new duelists of tomorrow cut their teeth.

September 29, 2021

If The iron Lynx duel night is a bit too rowdy and crowded for your liking why not try out their New Blood night.

Set during a quiet working week New Blood is a showcase for unranked and low tier duelists at the Iron Lynx.

As i arrived Eos Gewitter was once more launching spells whilst twirling her scythe against new commer Soraya Rashid who as I watched on had this misfortune of being taken out by an ice spell.

Meanwhile new duelist and the Number 4 contender in the EGF R’iqu Jesal was providing charity to one of the less fortunate patrons that night.

As this went on Alastair Morys & Enkhtuya Litor square off inside the arena. The best thing about watching fights between green fighters is you never know what to expect. These fighters have normally yet to find their footing in an arena so will try anything to score a win, it can make for some exhilarating fights. Such as when Enkhtuya dodges Alatairs massive blade and begins to slash furiously away at her opponent. 

Of course what’s a duel night without some great commentary and tonight we had a surprise. It was none other than the EGF legendary commentator known only as the lil guy alongside a fellow Lalfel. Rumors have been circulating that he had temporarily left the EGF commentary team after the controversy of champion R’dei Rhes title defence. It seems that the Lynx were more than happy to pick up this top tier commentator.

As I finish my cider and watch Alastair take victory I can say in conclusion if you’re looking for a quiet evening to watch a few fights, New Blood night is for you.



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