Letters to the Editor

August 15, 2021

You all sent letters in and given the toilet is clogged again, I’ve no choice but to reply to these lest my house fill up like an Ul’Dah flea market.

There have been rumours afloat of your paper having a presence in Ishgard. As there have been several items of note in your publication, there are those curious as to whether more will be forthcoming.
Rumours? They are a damn slap in the face if you knew just how much those snooty knife-ears love to read our stories. And who am I to turn down the gi-… Ahem, I mean provide ground-breaking news for our Coerthan friends.

Loving the new Songbird column!  You think the Lady will someday give scoup on any of the Daily Moogle writing team?  There’s got to be some scandals there, for sure.
The only scandal here will be me giving you a bonk on the nose… If I could find that damn step-ladder. This is a business, not a girl’s sleepover.

(The Daily Moogle assures our dear readers that the step ladder shall remain well hidden.)

Are you doing anything special for 6 months of the Daily Moogle?
I’ll be getting drunk, alone in my office. Perhaps I’ll force Mizzy into a moogle costume and hand out prizes to the biggest ass kisser or something.

Will Mizzy always remain a intern?
Perhaps he’ll be promoted to unemployed if people keep asking about his position here at the Daily Moogle. We take time and pride in our interns and our full time employees.

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