Letters to the editor

May 30, 2021

You all sent letters in and given the toilet is clogged again, I’ve no choice but to reply to these lest my house fill up like an Ul’Dah flea market.

I think Mizuno deserves a raise!
The only raise around here is my blood pressure from terrible interns and ever more terrible articles!

I think this whole mothman story is a hoax created by a bored reporter (or intern) I mean who could believe such a ridiculous notion.
Oh yeah? Well I’ll have you know my wife’s cousin’s brother in law’s pet gecko, who happens to be blind, saw the mothman in the feathers. Whattya say to that?!

Does Mizuno deserve his very own ice cream machine in the office? This reader believes so.
This reader better believe in an after life if they keep suggesting something so outrageous!

What is a skincare routine?
A skin care routine is a glass of whiskey and your wife locked out the house.

What is your ideal Sunday morning?
My ideal Sunday is a skin care routine.

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