Malodorous Mischief

June 27, 2021

Hello there, dear readers, Gasian Gaond here, being dragged into yet another one of Mizuno’s Daily Moogle misadventures.

You might remember that Mizuno spent one week in the Ul’dahn slammer being interrogated by the Flames about his suspicious horn/haircare product (I seriously cannot tell anymore). While I was wondering if my co-worker was a potential criminal and if I should quit this job when I am ahead, Mizuno and Kiyo decided to delve deeper into the mystery, dragging my reluctant self along with them.

Kiyo obtained information that the individuals responsible for the products had departed from Ul’dah before they were apprehended (which was why our horned friend was interrogated). We also received information that the products used suspicious, harmful materials long abandoned by current standards, one of which was related to highly dangerous creatures called Morbols. Around the same time, there were various reports of Morbol agitation in The Shroud, and leves were put out to hunt these Morbols down. We sort of put two and two together and went off to investigate the incident.

Investigative journalism would have been fun, dear readers…if it did not involve a giant gaping maw with slimy tentacles for feet and bad breath for days.

As soon as we arrived, we were informed by a local Wailer that it was Morbol mating season, so we were advised not to get too close.

Oh, joy.

The less courageous among us (that means Mizuno and I) hid behind some bushes to avoid being assaulted by horny Morbols, while Kiyo scoured the area looking for clues. She was nearly spotted by a Morbol, but managed to come back to us safely with a few Morbol seeds and some tools around them.

We deduced that someone was secretly stealing these seeds from the Morbols, causing them to be more agitated than usual (though I severely lack the botanical knowledge about how agitated Morbols usually are during their…mating season. I still refuse to believe that is a thing). Then we arrived at the conclusion that the person who put up the leves to slay the Morbols might be the same person who was stealing their seeds, possibly related to the horn care product supply.

This led us to devise a plan to find out who has been posting these recent leves about hunting Morbols.

Deciding that Mizuno was the most convincing liar among us three, we made a plan for him to pretend to be an adventurer who took up the leve and did not receive his pay. He then demanded whoever the poor secretary on shift on the Gridanian adventurers’ guild was to tell him who posted the leves so he could sue them or… something.

Anyway, it was the perfect plan.

Mizuno stormed into the guild, wearing his unusually tough, gruff guy persona that he said he learned from The Steppes, and started yelling at the adventurers’ guild secretary demanding to speak to the manag…I mean, the person who posted the leves.

Spooked by Mizuno’s unexpectedly convincing demeanor, the secretary frantically apologised to this furious Xaela in front of him, out of fear of being beaten to a pulp with a gunblade, perhaps.

We successfully obtained the name through questionably ethical means, but hey, that’s journalism for you.

Wishing that this did not mean another week in the slammer for the entire Daily Moogle crew this time, we planned to investigate deeper into the matter through the name we found and Mizuno’s friendly neighbourhood Lalafell vendor, who would surely tell us the truth if we ask nicely.

Anyway, the only thing I learned from this is I do not want to see another Morbol in my life.

Whoever it was who stole their seeds for a living must be very desperate for coin.

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