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Matchy Dates, revised

May 17, 2021

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, I certainly haven’t forgotten about YOU Dearhearts!  All you beautiful wonderful fluttery darlings out there.  I know so many of you must just be SUPER DUPER ULTRA SHY because you’ve not come to me with any questions for All Things Fluttery!  Don’t worry your pretty heads, this Butterfly will do his absolute best to answer all of those burning questions of the heart.  (My co-workers won’t let me talk about heartburn though, says it isn’t the right answer.  They may be on to something, come to think of it.)  So whatever (non heartburn) burning heart questions you may have, flit them over to me! After that shimmering reminder, let me talk just a little bit about the New Improved Matchy Dates service!  Also ran by yours truly, of course.  Now endorsed by and a Daily Moogle exclusive, Wes’ Wild Matchy Dates is precisely what it sounds like : A service, ran by me (WES!), who matches you lovely Butterfly Buds up with the other wing of your own personal butterfly.  How?  EASY!  There’s a simple form to fill out, just stop in to The Daily Moogle office, fill one out, drop it back off, I’ll pick them up and then start the matching process!  Sometimes it takes a bit of time, sometimes it’s real easy.  I may have your perfect match already waiting, or they may be being too shy just yet to fill out their own form!  The more forms filled out, though, the easier it is for me to make connections, based on your preferences.  So head on over to The Daily Moogle offices and pick up your Wes’ Wild Matchy Dates form today! And one last quick little note, the Secret Admirer…erer services are well and truly open!  If you’ve got your eye on someone specific, this may be the better route to go than the Matchy Dates, since the plans are specifically tailored toward letting that Special Someone know how you feel, in the way that YOU deem best, by picking one of three very solid plans!  I won’t give away any of the details, just in case there’s already some Secret Admiererererer’s on the lookout.  Contact someone at The Daily Moogle offices and they’ll be sure to send you over to me! So there you have it, my Fluttery Friends!  A little more information on the New and Improved Matchy Dates!  I hope to be hearing from you very soon.  Until next time, Dearhearts!

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