Mothmen: Fact or fantasy?!

April 27, 2021

Mothmen, fact or fantasy?

A few days ago this intern stumbled upon a mention of Mothmen while on the lookout for a scoop. A Miqo’te by the name of N’evie came bustling in warning everyone inside. This was met with a certain amount of suspicion and mock, however I thought to myself: “Why not Mothmen?”

N’evie continued that she needed to hunt a Marlboro for one of its tentacles to grow a tiny Marlboro so it would keep her safe, an angle which yours truly never considered. Imagine if you would, a tiny Marlboro in a flowerpot! An untapped market if there was one, the possibilities staggering! Several witnesses on site continued to question her about how she came to know about the Mothmen as nobody had ever laid eyes on them. This was relayed to her by a third party, a man shrouded in mystery. The plot thickens!

At this point a Miqo’te male named Myr became very wary of the entire situation and decided to really ask the questions needed: Where did they come from, are they real, who was that man?
All questions I unfortunately never got an answer for. Yes, to this very day the mystery of the Mothmen remains unsolved.

Fear not reader, I will get to the bottom of this and will keep everyone in the loop so that we might ultimately know the truth about these insidious Mothmen and their sinister plans.

In closing: Mothmen, are they real? This intern believes so.

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