Kiyo At The Heartfire Lounge

Mystery Missives

April 21, 2021

Yesterday was a bit of a busy day. After arriving in Ul’Dah I registered for a room at the Shifting Sand in the Adventurer’s Guild. Upon registering I was told that a missive had been left for me. Upon reading it I realized it was from one of my local informants. The missive was cryptic but essentially left instructions for leaving a return missive and where to pick up a response. This of course is all centered around making sure the identity of the informant remains anonymous.

I penned a hasty message and donned my less conspicuous travel attire. I left for the location. I looked over the location and it seemed a bit busy, but not quite busy enough that I might leave the missive unnoticed. As a measure to aid in either escape or distraction I keep two small fireworks on me when travelling thusly.

I observed the movements of the crowd trying to find a location where I might leave the firework so that it would attract the most attention. I noticed a metal works stand. I lit the firework nearby and left it to it’s devices. It loudly erupted. Many ran at first not knowing what had occurred, but once the din died down many closed in to investigate what had caused so much noise.

Once the crowd had their attention turned toward the metalworks stand I quickly made my way to the drop location just inside an alleyway. Moving a loose stone in the wall I placed the missive and returned the stone before making my way out of the alley. Moving at a measured pace to avoid suspicion I made my way back to the Inn in a round about fashion to avoid being tailed. I did not seem to be noticed but anyone worth their salt would have taken great pains to remain unseen.

The instructions stated that should there be any news I would find it in the goblet at a specific location that evening. At the inn I donned my Alchemist’s Guild robe leaving my street stalking attire folded and tucked neatly into my traveling pack.

The members of the guild were quite helpful, my Lalafell associate included. After quite a bit of discussion we decided on the best course for producing the medication the child would require and the best methods for obtaining the required ingredients. If nothing else I am sure that I should be able to request them of Kesa and Phoenix Trading.

The talks went a bit long but I was quite glad for them. I prefer consulting with colleagues on such matters. When practicing medicine it is not only imperative to stay in pace with medical science but also collaborating with one’s fellows. By sharing our knowledge we only benefit each other and our patients.

Speaking of knowledge, once I had my notes compiled I made my way back to the Inn and changed once more before making my way to the Goblet. There was a missive left for me in the specified location. Upon picking it up I walked a bit as I read. Err long I ended up in front of a place called the Heartfire Lounge. I decided this would be as good a place as any to stop for a moment and look over what had been written.

I looked over the small paper and apparently one of the men I seek, Morohide Tanaka has been spotted by my informants. The message was cryptic but basically states Takaka is taking adventuring work, but can be difficult to trace as he does not seem to stay in any one place for more than a number of days. He either has wanderlust or a number of enemies.

Upon entering however I chanced upon Marko. He was chatting with a lovely Miqo’te named Mae who was imparting upon him tales of her adventures. Apparently upon rolling a Peiste egg out of the sun she’d attracted the attention of the rest of the Peiste and was set upon by the lot of them. That must have been harrowing.

Shaiko also visited the lounge and introduced me to another Hingan by the name of Isao Tachibana. It was quite lovely seeing him again and he seemed to be doing well. We sat and discussed the card game Triple Triad as there was a board placed upon the table before us.

I also discussed a bit of my integration woes with Isao. I was quite relieved to find that he did not feel the need to use formal honorifics. Apparently he adventures with Shaiko and they seem to have a jovial relationship. He mentioned that at least things are never dull around Shaiko and I can only imagine that to be the case.

Mizuno was also there but he was rather busy having a discussion as well. I believe he was talking with the man who had requested the books on hand held rifles the evening before from the Library. I am rather curious what it is they were speaking of but I can imagine that with Mizuno being who he is, I will likely find out in time.

Ah and I spotted the silent Xaela as well. Apparently he seemed to make friends rather quickly despite his lack of speech. I do hope he continues to succeed!

Ah and something of note. While waking the streets of Ul’dah I have spied noticed that grabbed my attention. One would be that the Wander’s Respite is looking for combatants for a fighting competition and healers to aid them. I believe I shall make inquiries as to whether I might aid in this.

I have also seen that there is to be a festival devoted to Spring in the coming weeks. They are looking for artists and performers as well as those willing to man refreshment stands. I decided that I might ask to man such a stand and offer tea. If nothing else it would be an interesting way to meet people and possibly promote my practice. If nothing else I can make inquiries and see how events progress from there.

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