Njang Silk, the Researcher and Adventurer!

May 12, 2021

This charming and well spoken young woman has a love of research and dreams of adventure! 

Her education and fine manners are attributable to her childhood. She grew up in the charge of the Head Maid of a noble household after being left at the doorstep.

She grew into working there herself, but such would not be the case for long. After altercations within the household she was left to strike out on her own with nothing to her name. 

Fortunately she had reliable friends who stepped in to aid her in her hour of need. One such friend would be someone she considers to be her mentor, Master Ishmael. It was he who sparked her interest in research. Master Ishmael has become something of a role model to Njang and is a man of many talents as she puts it. 

Master Ishmael also helped her research an artifact she’d found. The artifact had been donated to the High Tide Antiquity for additional research. Njang is still awaiting to hear more of said research. 

Her thirst for knowledge unsated, Njang continues to research to this day! Though now her focus is on combat and combat methodologies. Her primary area of study at the moment is in the use of Chakrams which she is learning from Miss Primrose from the Blue Birds Company.

Though her interests do not end there dear readers as Njang is interested in learning as much as she can. She is seeks to research various weapons and armor. She also seeks to learn about other topics that interest her such as alchemy and astrology. She hopes to gather as much information as possible, so should you have an aligning interest I am sure she would love to hear from you!

As our interview came to a close she left me with a quote from the east by an unknown Samurai: “Everyone can put an arrow on it’s mark. Everyone can miss the target that they aim for. In the end it is not up to us to say if we hit or miss because it is in mid air that the arrow finds true enlightenment.”

She speaks thusly of the quote: “It’s meaning is lost, but I believe the philosophy and meaning to the words is: We find success and failure in all of our work, but the true lessons come from the path towards it, not the end of the road.”

It was a pleasure interviewing Miss Njang Silk and here at The Daily Moogle we wish Njang only success in her future endeavors!

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